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OPM advocates for innovations to FEHB

The agency will issue its first Call Letter of 2011 Friday detailing suggestions for insurance carriers to focus on wellness and healthy lifestyles. Director Berry also wants insurance providers to offer affinity benefits for domestic partners of federal employees. Later this year, OPM will launch a new medical claims database to improve the plans.

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Friday - 03/25/2011, 07:31am EDT

Bill would strengthen online privacy rights

A new bill would require that companies tracking consumer data seek permission before sharing information about a person with other companies.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , technology , John McCain , John Kerry , Dorobek Insider

Thursday - 03/10/2011, 03:05pm EST

Facebook privacy proves not so private...again

Facebook is moving the boundaries of privacy again, with plans to give third-party developers permission to ask social network users for their home addresses and phone numbers.

Tags: Evan Haning , Facebook , online privacy

Tuesday - 03/01/2011, 03:34pm EST

DoD wants cyber partnership, not to spy

Gen. Keith Alexander, commander of the military's new Cyber Command and the director of the NSA, said DoD can help protect private networks from cyber attack - especially critical infrastructure - without infringing on civil liberties. He said civilian agencies and private network operators could leverage NSA's capabilities without having the spy agency be in charge of security.

Tags: DoD , cybersecurity , technology , Keith Alexander , U.S. Cyber Command , NSA , DHS , Do William Lynn , civil liberties , Information Technology Exchange Program , industry , information sharing , Jared Serbu

Monday - 02/28/2011, 07:00am EST

'Boring' is good news for VA's cyber reports

The agency's monthly security report to Congress continues to show a decreasing severity of data breaches.

Tags: technology , best practice , Veterans Affairs , cybersecurity , Roger Baker , Meg Beasley

Friday - 01/28/2011, 05:49pm EST

Google bots accused of over-scrubbing

Many genuine blogs have been blocked/removed as they were considered to be spam blogs.

Tags: Federal Drive , Google , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , Bots ,

Wednesday - 01/26/2011, 09:30am EST

DoD still working to tighten SSN controls

The Defense Department continues to scrub service members' social security numbers from public DoD websites. The armed services plan to transition to an alternative ID number system by 2012.

Tags: technology , DoD , West Point , identity theft , PII , Jared Serbu

Monday - 01/03/2011, 06:19pm EST

TSA's Pistole on unions, screeners and patdowns

Best of interview with TSA Administrator John Pistole shortly after he joined the agency.

Tags: John Pistole , unions , patdown , Best of , Federal Drive , management , security

Wednesday - 12/29/2010, 10:31am EST

VA struggles to balance cloud apps, security

Assistant secretary Baker said he can't let doctors store veterans' data on unsecured systems in the cloud. But Baker said he wants to figure out how to solve this problem because the ability to access data anywhere, anytime is necessary. VA shutdown facilities usage of common commercial cloud applications.

Tags: technology , Roger Baker , VA , Google , Yahoo! , cybersecurity , cloud computing , budget freeze , information sharing , Jason Miller

Thursday - 12/23/2010, 06:54am EST

2010 and Beyond: Open gov gains footing

CTO Aneesh Chopra said 2010 was the year of execution for the open government initiative.

Tags: Aneesh Chopra , CTO , technology , Open government , transparency , 2010 and Beyond , Dorobek Insider , security , WikiLeaks

Tuesday - 12/14/2010, 06:10pm EST
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