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Sleeping with the dog or cat carries risks

"Some of these bacteria infections and virus infections that your dog and cat have may not make them sick but may make you very sick," says Deborah Kotz, author of the Daily Dose health blog.

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Monday - 01/17/2011, 08:28am EST

Senior managers more likely to be dog owners

Dog owners are more likely to hold senior management jobs, while snake and reptile owners are most likely to make six-figure salaries, according to a survey by CareerBuilder.

Tags: dogs , CATS , Snakes , pet owners , management , jobs , Career Builder , CareerBuilder , Veronica Robinson , Colleen Kelleher

Tuesday - 12/14/2010, 06:43am EST

Odd items contribute to pet economy

Scented candles for doggie farts and canned beaver are among the unusual items for sale. And, of course, there are prosthetic testicles.

Tags: pet products , prosthetic testicles , Kristi King

Monday - 06/06/2011, 09:29am EDT

Loudoun shelter puts down all of its cats

It's believed that feral cats brought the corona virus into the Loudoun County Animal Shelter.

Tags: CATS , Loudoun County Animal Shelter , feral cats , Darci Marchese , Colleen Kelleher

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 01:06pm EST

Looking for love in all the right shelters

Sunday is Catapalooza at the Washington Animal Rescue League. The Washington Humane Society will hold a party where pit bulls are decked out in pajamas.

Tags: Washington Animal Rescue League , Washington Humane Society , pet adoption , Kate Ryan , Valentine's Day

Saturday - 02/12/2011, 11:15am EST

Owners choose people names for pets

In 2010, Bella, Bailey and Max were 2010's most popular dog names, while cats were most likely named Max, Bella and Chloe.

Tags: dogs , CATS , pet names , Colleen Kelleher

Thursday - 01/06/2011, 12:46pm EST

Using dogs to sniff out your kid's stash

A Maryland company will sniff out illegal drugs for you, but it will cost you $200 an hour.

Tags: dogs , drugs , marijuana , Brennan Haselton , Colleen Kelleher , Dogs Finding Drugs

Monday - 10/25/2010, 11:01am EDT

Shampoo uses coffee grounds to get rid of doggy odor

If your dog has ever pulled the coffee grounds out of the trash, you'll get a kick out of this. A new dog shampoo uses real coffee grounds to neutralize pet odors and soothe dry skin.

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Wednesday - 09/01/2010, 09:28am EDT

Animal welfare calls rise with temperatures

Frederick County animal control officers are accustomed to checking on pets in distress in unattended vehicles, but the number of calls more than doubled in July.

Tags: Frederick County Animal Control , Cathryn Cordyack Washington , Harold Domer

Monday - 08/30/2010, 06:28am EDT

Four pets killed In Frederick house fire

An area family lost three of its pet dogs and a cat when a fire broke out in the kitchen of a house Friday in the 5600 block of Stone Road.

Tags: house fire , Frederick County fire marshal ,

Saturday - 08/21/2010, 01:22pm EDT
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