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Managers can build performance while building trust

Discover how to establish breakthrough relationships and improve workforce performance and profit.

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Monday - 11/30/2009, 09:30am EST

How to make performance top agency priority

Peter Grace, director of Office of Strategic Planning and Management at the Department of Urban and Housing Development, discusses how agencies can improve efficiency, effectiveness and performance.

Tags: Peter Grace , HUD , efficiency , GPRA , In Depth

Friday - 05/06/2011, 04:41pm EDT

GAO: How to enhance agency performance under GPRA

Berniece Steinhardt, GAO's Director of Governmentwide Management Issues, explains how agencies can adopt more coordinated approaches to achieve meaningful results.

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Thursday - 03/17/2011, 03:46pm EDT

Ready, Aim, You're Fired

Would federal workers be happier if the government would backup managers when they discipline slackers and fired incompetents? Or is that already happening? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey finds out.

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Friday - 07/08/2011, 04:00am EDT

GAO: How to better implement new projects

Lisa Shames is director of natural resources and environment at the Government Accountability Office and shares tips for your agency.

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Thursday - 06/30/2011, 03:54pm EDT

Performance symposium no longer just for DoD

JD Sicilia, Director of Strategic Management and Performance at DoD and Rosye Cloud, director of Performance Improvement Council join Francis Rose for the Executive Hour on In Depth

Tags: management , In Depth , JD Sicilia , Rosye Cloud , defense , DoD , Performance Improvement Council

Tuesday - 06/07/2011, 06:48pm EDT

How to meet GPRA deadlines

Information Builders' Bill Lochen tells you what you need to know so you can get on track.

Tags: Bill Lochten , Information Builders , GPRA , In Depth

Wednesday - 06/01/2011, 04:46pm EDT
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