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Issa calls for big changes to reduce costs

We've heard a lot about the pay freeze as a way of saving money. If done right, could restructuring functions within government and even closing some agencies help? The Partnership for Public Service's John Palguta weighs in.

Tags: Federal Drive , pay freeze , government reform , John Palguta , Partnership for Public Service

Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 10:42am EST

Two year pay freeze would really mean three

This year's salary could well become next year's and the year after. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains.

Tags: Federal Drive , pay freeze , pay and benefits , Mike Causey

Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 08:40am EST

Federal employees in the crosshairs explained

Why do people LAUGH when someone says "I'm from the government and I'm here to help"? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey keeps his finger on the pulse and tells us the patient will live. Probably.

Tags: Federal Drive , pay and benefits , Mike Causey , Suzanne Kubota

Friday - 08/20/2010, 09:40am EDT

OPM federal pay argument rebutted by Cato

"Federal and private employees are apples and oranges because the former is dependent on the latter for its existence. In the natural world, this relationship is call (sic) parasitism," writes Cato's Tad DeHaven.

Tags: Federal Drive , OPM , Cato , pay and benefits , Tad DeHaven , Suzanne Kubota ,

Thursday - 08/19/2010, 10:41am EDT

Heritage: General Schedule should be abandoned

A new report suggests federal pay is burdening the American taxpayer. Study author James Sherk with the Heritage Foundation has details.

Tags: Federal Drive , federal pay , Heritage Foundation , James Sherk , Suzanne Kubota

Tuesday - 07/13/2010, 10:45am EDT

Feds' guide to the State of the Union

WFED's Mike Causey and Gov Exec's Tom Shoop tell federal employees what to watch for in tonight's address.

Tags: State of the Union , pay freeze , pay and benefits , Barack Obama , Mike Causey , Tom Shoop , Government Executive , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 01/25/2011, 04:17pm EST

2010 and Beyond: Speedy pay freeze

The Federal Drive's Amy Morris said the top story of 2010 was the proposed pay freeze.

Tags: Amy Morris , 2010 and Beyond , Federal Drive , pay and benefits , pay freeze , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 12/14/2010, 04:20pm EST

POLL: Deficit commission recs hit feds

The White House deficit commission releases its recs, some of which directly impact federal employees.

Tags: pay and benefits , White House , Deficit Commission , pay freeze , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 12/01/2010, 05:20pm EST

How pay freeze affects bonuses, locality pay

Gov Exec's Emily Long answers some of the questions about the proposed federal pay freeze.

Tags: Emily Long , Government Executive , pay freeze , pay and benefits , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 04:14pm EST

Causey: Pay freeze reality sinks in

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey describes feds' reaction to the proposed two-federal federal civilian pay freeze.

Tags: pay freeze , pay and benefits , Mike Causey , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 04:29pm EST
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