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You and Your Cadillac Health Plan

Coming to a health plan near you: an excise tax on those so-called Cadillac high-premium, high benefit plans which some federal workers and retirees love. But before you panic, check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's Federal Report. It may be just what the doctor ordered.

Tags: Mike Causey , FEHBP , Cadillac health care

Thursday - 07/29/2010, 04:00am EDT

EEOC report finds 'constant improvement'

"As the largest employer in the nation, the federal government should lead the way in creating a diverse and just workplace," said EEOC Chair Jacqueline A. Berrien. So how's that going? We ask Jamie Price, an attorney advisor at EEOC

Tags: management , EEOC , Jamie Price , Annual Report on the Federal Work Force

Wednesday - 07/28/2010, 10:31am EDT

MSPB: Supervisors lack necessary training

A new report by the Merit Systems Protection Board says supervision is okay, but could use some improvement. We get details from James Tsugawa of the Office of Policy and Evaluation.

Tags: MSPB , training , management , James Tsugawa , Suzanne Kubota

Wednesday - 07/28/2010, 09:40am EDT

Thousands of Feds in Prison

Did you know that every day, thousands of your fellow federal workers go to prison? To find out why they are there and how they do their time check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's Federal Report today.

Tags: Mike Causey , Bureau of Prisons , AFGE

Wednesday - 07/28/2010, 04:00am EDT

Oracle's Ellison: Pay king

Leads WSJ List of Top-Paid CEOs of the Decade.

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Tuesday - 07/27/2010, 11:38am EDT

Taxing Health Premiums, FSAs?

Have you heard those rumor/reports about an upcoming heavy tax bite on your health insurance premiums. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asked the experts and got some interesting answers.

Tags: Mike Causey , health care premiums

Tuesday - 07/27/2010, 04:00am EDT

Automatic enrollment in TSP starts next week

The process starts next week, and Tom Trabucco of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board tells DorobekInsider all you need to know when the change happens. Also, learn why it will benefit all TSP participants.

Tags: TSP , Tom Traubucco , automatic enrollment , retirement , investing , Dorothy Ramienski , DorobekInsider

Monday - 07/26/2010, 06:13pm EDT

Hey Leaders, Can You Handle the Truth?

Managers run things, but how did they get there and what makes them tick? Managers have been studied to death, but today Senior Correspondent Mike Causey gets feedback from the folks who know bosses best.

Tags: Mike Causey , management , MSPB

Monday - 07/26/2010, 04:00am EDT

The 10 biggest errors federal employees make

We look at the 10 biggest mistakes feds make when planning for retirement according to registered employee benefit consultant, Ed Zurndorfer.

Tags: Federal Drive , Top Ten , Ed Zurndorfer , retirement benefits , Suzanne Kubota

Friday - 07/23/2010, 10:40am EDT

Brilliant Worker: Terrible Boss

What happens when a brilliant scientist, technician or specialist gets promoted to being a manager. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says a new government study indicates the promotion is often a disaster.

Tags: Mike Causey , MSPB , management , training , supervisors , Peter Principle

Friday - 07/23/2010, 04:00am EDT
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