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Hostage Captain Rescued

Tags: Navy Seals , piracy , Lisa Desjardins

Monday - 04/13/2009, 09:20am EDT

America joins the parade to public service

The Obama administration has made service a central part of its appeal to Americans. Is it working?

Tags: public service , Parade magazine , Lamar Graham

Friday - 03/05/2010, 11:40am EST

Armed anywhere, anytime?

Flying armed: are additional armed, trained law enforcement personnel aboard aircraft is necessary? FLEOA thinks so.

Tags: FLEOA , Jon Adler , flying armed , FAMS

Friday - 02/05/2010, 10:30am EST

Ground Zero settlement rejected by court

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein on Friday rejected a legal settlement that would have given at least $575 million to the victims, saying the deal shortchanged ground zero workers whom he called heroes.

Tags: Ground Zero , 9/11 , first responders , Steve Kastenbaum , CNN

Monday - 03/22/2010, 10:08am EDT

What tort costs mean to your job

Tort litigation does do some good, and it does deter some bad behavior. The problem is that it deters a lot of good behavior, too.

Tags: mngt , tort reform , Jim Copland , Manhattan Institute

Wednesday - 02/10/2010, 09:40am EST

Reform wayward Wall Street?

President Obama sent a strong message to Wall Street when he proposed imposing new limits on the size and activities of the country's largest banks. In an effort to prevent another financial Armageddon, Obama wants to prevent commercial banks (those that lend and maintain deposits) from also owning hedge funds or private equity units, and from engaging in proprietary trading (trading for their own accounts using their firm's own money).

Tags: Motley Fool , Chris Hill , Obama , banking regulation , Wall Street ,

Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 11:30am EST

House panel uncovers surprise on fed building security

It might surprise you to learn that neither the Federal Protective Service, nor contract security guards, is the final word on security in your federal building. A House panel learned that so-called "local security committees" have unusual power to set what can and cannot come into a building, and even the power to veto security recommendations from the FPS. Officials say they're working to fix that.

Tags: Federal Protective Service , Bennie Thompson , House Homeland Security Committee , Max Cacas

Thursday - 11/19/2009, 07:03am EST
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