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Center for American Progress: Halting IT boondoggles

Is it easier to get a progressive bill past a Senate filibuster than it is to kill a failed government IT project?

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Wednesday - 06/30/2010, 02:42pm EDT

FCC Chairman names new chief technologist

Douglas Sicker now holds the post.

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Wednesday - 06/30/2010, 02:38pm EDT

Wednesday Morning Federal Newscast - June 30th

Hoyer: Votes on wartime supplemental by Friday, Arlington Cemetery contractors investigated, VA hospital may have infected 1,800 veterans with HIV

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Wednesday - 06/30/2010, 08:55am EDT

X Prize Foundation announces $10 million oil disaster cleanup challenge

There's a sweet incentive for figuring out a way to mop up BP's mess.

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Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 02:43pm EDT

GAO faults Vet Affairs on IT

GAO says Vet Affairs mismanaged IT.

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Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 02:38pm EDT

In faulty-computer suit, window to Dell decline

Documents recently unsealed in a three-year-old lawsuit against Dell show that the company's employees were actually aware that the computers were likely to break.

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Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 03:04pm EDT

Supreme Court upholds Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The 5 to 4 decision sowed doubts about the job security and legal authority of high-level government officials in agencies.

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Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 02:31pm EDT

Pentagon looks for $100 billion in cost savings

Over the next five years, the Pentagon is looking to cut from buying weapons systems and other services from outside contractors.

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Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 02:21pm EDT

Libraries have a novel idea

Libraries are expanding e-book offerings with out-of-print editions.

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Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 02:58pm EDT
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