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Pacific military talks take place

The Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, hosted his counterparts from the Republic of Korea and Japan on Tuesday in Hawaii to exchange views on regional security issues. They discussed the evolving security environment, in particular the enduring North Korea nuclear and missile threat, as well as ways to promote peace and stability in the region.

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Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 12:04pm EDT

Army successfully tests Advanced Hypersonic weapon

Flying low, far and fast, the Army's new missile, the Advanced Hypersonic weapon, successfully completed a test run between two points in the Pacific.

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Friday - 11/18/2011, 09:38am EST

Iran's missile test "Troublesome"

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman says Iran's missile tests are "troublesome." "You combine these show-of-force type missile tests along with the other revelations that have been brought to light over the last couple of days with their continued development of a nuclear program, and you put all those together, and it paints a picture of ... a pattern of deception," added Whitman. A confrontation between Israel and Iran is looming large. The Israelis say they will attack Iran to prevent them from developing a nuke. The Iranian government says they'll be sorry if they do.

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Tuesday - 09/29/2009, 11:32am EDT

Missile Test

The Pentagon says Israel is going to test an interceptor missile on a U.S. missile range in the Pacific Ocean in the near term. It's an exercise that's going to involve three U.S. missile defense systems. The Missile Defense agency says it will provide Israel the opportunity to test its advanced Arrow system against a target with a range of more than 620 miles. It's being conducted there, because there isn't enough space to conduct that kind of test in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

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Tuesday - 07/14/2009, 08:11pm EDT

China Shoots Down a Missile

China says its military intercepted a missile in mid-flight recently. It was a test of some new technology. The story emerged as nerves about Taiwan begin to show. Raytheon has just sold one billion dollars in hardware to Taiwan for use in it's Patriot air defense system. The Chinese have strongly denounced the sale and called Taiwan a renegade province. Perhaps the reason for both the strong Chinese language about Taiwan and the missile test is because now Taiwan has the capability to shoot down Chinese short and mid-range missiles.

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Tuesday - 01/12/2010, 11:42am EST

Oops. Training missile part falls off Navy jet

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Friday - 04/22/2011, 06:46am EDT

Pentagon stumped by California contrail

The Pentagon said Tuesday it did not know what created a vapor trail that crossed the skies off the Southern California coast and resembled a missile launch.

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Wednesday - 11/10/2010, 09:40am EST

Lockheed missile misses target

Army Operating Concept gets an update,

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Monday - 09/13/2010, 08:40am EDT

Kim Jong Il: What Was He Thinking?

Waiting for the pay off

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Thursday - 04/09/2009, 09:03am EDT