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Skytypers to offer aerial salute at Air Show

A region accustomed to multiple honors for American servicemen will feature a sky-high one at Andrews Air Force Base this weekend.

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Thursday - 05/13/2010, 01:10pm EDT

Unmanned Aerial Technology

The U.S. Military's unmanned aerial technology is becoming the envy of other nations. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has confirmed several allied nations...including Britain, Canada, Spain, Japan and South Korea... have all expressed interest in drone technology. Each branch of the military has different uses for U-A-V's or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Rear Admiral Terry Kraft says the drones capabilities in persistence and covertness are particularly impressive. And, he says, unmanned Systems will be included in the Navy's 2011 budget and beyond. They're in the process of introducing several new systems now, including the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Unmanned Aircraft System (or BAMS), the Navy version of the Global Hawk. In 2012, the Navy anticipates a breakthrough development when they land an unmanned tail-less aircraft onboard an aircraft carrier.

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Monday - 04/19/2010, 11:25am EDT

Who will Strike First

Lt. General Ronal Burgess, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said yesterday Iran could produce enough highly enriched uranium for a single nuclear bomb within a year. But is that their goal? A top Israeli military analyst says the jury is still out on what Iran is going to do with its nuclear program. Some have suggested even Iran doesn't know. One thing's for sure. The U.S. And Israel both have warned a military strike on Iran is not out of the question. The question is will it happen before Hezbollah and Hamas strike Israel as some experts warn.

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Monday - 04/19/2010, 11:08am EDT

AMVETS: Women in military need more mental health help

"Research has shown that women run a double risk of developing trauma in the military from battle stress, sexual harrassment and assault," AMVETS National Commander Duane Miskulin tells WTOP.

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Wednesday - 03/17/2010, 08:31pm EDT

Top level military review for web 2.0

The Pentagon's chief information officer is conducting an agency-wide review of the use of popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Officials are trying to balance the benefits of allowing the use of social networking on recruiting, public affairs and troop morale, against the potential security risks. Defense Secretary Gates gets a report on ‘web 2.0' at the end of this month, and department-wide policy is expected out in late September.

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Monday - 08/10/2009, 11:49am EDT

Secure tactical wireless communications

Janet Kumpu
Fortress Technologies
August 4th, 2009

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Tuesday - 08/04/2009, 01:54pm EDT

The gift with the Presidential touch!

President and Mrs. Obama recently drove to Fort McNair here in Southwest DC to help stuff napsacks for military children attending the National Military Family Association's Operation Purple summer camps. They packed those 15,000 bags with snacks, books, and even a baseball trading card of presidential pooch "Bo". Its is part of the President's "United We Serve" summer volunteer initiative.

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Monday - 06/29/2009, 10:59am EDT

Daddy, do you have to go again?

Multiple deployments can be tough on military familes, but they're especially tough on the children. School work suffers, and surveys show behavioral problems increase. The Pentagon tries to help with the Military Family Live Consultant program, which makes counselors available to families. There are resources available online at the Military One Source, Military Homefront and the Military Community and Family Policy websites.

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Monday - 06/29/2009, 10:55am EDT

Graduation time at Fort McNair!

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, used graduation ceremonies at the National Defense University for a lesson on leadership. Speaking to graduating senior military officials, Mullen says commanders, senior enlisted service members, and junior officers all need different kinds of leadership. Mullen adds that commanders must realize the toll that wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have had on troops and their families. I'm Max Cacas.

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Friday - 06/12/2009, 06:14pm EDT
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