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New Benefits: What's In It For You?

The Defense Authorization Act the President will sign today has something for everybody in government, as well as many former feds and retirees. Check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's column for a top-to-bottom what's-in-it-for-you review.

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Wednesday - 10/28/2009, 04:00am EDT

Big Bucks Wish List

When Congress passed the Tobacco bill, many federal and postal workers and retirees got short-changed because it moved so quickly. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says they have a fighting chance to recoup some of those losses in the pending Defense Authorization battle between the House and Senate.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , FERS , CSRS , retirement benefits , silver tsunami , Tobacco Bill , defense budget

Monday - 09/14/2009, 04:00am EDT

Low Ball or Fair Ball Pay Raise?

The January 2010 federal pay raise is shaping up to be the smallest increase since 1988. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains what happened and how it will shape up for feds in your city.

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Monday - 08/24/2009, 04:00am EDT

D-Day Coming in September

It will be sometime in September before active and retired feds find out what the Senate and House will do with an eye-popping package of new benefits. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the wait is making some feds sick.

Tags: P&B , FERS flu , pension buy back , CSRS , Mike Causey

Friday - 07/31/2009, 04:00am EDT

Tapping the Sunshine Grapevine

Would you like to wear an aloha shirt to the office or get out the old dog sled team when you get off work? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there's a Sunshine Network that alerts cold stateside feds to job openings in Hawaii.

Tags: P&B , pineapple grapevine

Wednesday - 04/08/2009, 04:00am EDT

What's in YOUR Paycheck?

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Wednesday - 01/07/2009, 10:05am EST

Says Who?

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Wednesday - 10/29/2008, 10:05am EDT

What's in YOUR Paycheck?

Tags: P&B , OPM , COLA ,

Wednesday - 01/07/2009, 10:05am EST

Says Who?

Tags: Chuck Grimes , OPM

Wednesday - 10/29/2008, 10:05am EDT

Tight Caps Cause Pension Shrinkage

A growing number of high-paid feds are suffering from pension shrinkage. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there IS a solution.... maybe.

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Thursday - 10/16/2008, 04:00am EDT
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