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Your 2010 Pay Raise: Go Figure

Your 2010 white collar federal pay raise is a simple, flat 2 percent right? Well, yes and know. It's 2 percent, more or less, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it is anything but simple.

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Monday - 12/07/2009, 05:13am EST

2 Per Cent Raise, but Which 2 Percent?

When is a 2 percent pay raise not a 2 percent pay raise? The answer, according to Senior Correspondent Mike Causey is when politicians in Washington say it is, or isn't.

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Thursday - 12/10/2009, 04:00am EST

Great Year For Feds...So Far

This year will go down in the record books as the best-ever for federal workers, postal service employees and many government retirees, but as Senior Correspondent Mike Causey points out, every silver lining has a cloud.

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Friday - 12/04/2009, 04:00am EST

Flat Line Pay Raise

While many federal workers will feel short-changed with a flat 2 percent pay raise, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there are lots of people who won't be unhappy with the locality pay freeze.

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Wednesday - 12/02/2009, 04:00am EST

Salary Council suggests locality pay increase for 2011

Federal Salary Council submits recommendations to OMB, OPM, Labor and President's Pay Agent to increase the average locality pay by 43 percent. Council says no new locality pay areas are needed.

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Monday - 11/16/2009, 04:28pm EST

These Are the Good Old Days?

Remember the good old days of substantial pay raises? Well you should because that was 2009. This year. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the pay future is not so bright, for obvious reasons, for white collar feds.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , 2011 budget , pay raise ,

Friday - 11/13/2009, 04:00am EST

FERS Sick Leave Cure: Rumor vs. Reality

Did you hear the rumor about immediate retirement on full benefits for feds in Alaska and Hawaii? Or that the FERS flu sick leave problem will be solved by December? Well, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it's time to put some wild rumors to bed and he's called in an expert.

Tags: P&B , FERS flu , retirement phase-in , CSRS part time , COLA , NSPS , Mike Causey

Wednesday - 11/04/2009, 04:00am EST

New Benefits: What's In It For You?

The Defense Authorization Act the President will sign today has something for everybody in government, as well as many former feds and retirees. Check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's column for a top-to-bottom what's-in-it-for-you review.

Tags: P&B , defense authorization , Defense Authorization Bill , FERS flu , COLA , High-3 , Mike Causey , Necco Wafers , NSPS

Wednesday - 10/28/2009, 04:00am EDT

Big Bucks Wish List

When Congress passed the Tobacco bill, many federal and postal workers and retirees got short-changed because it moved so quickly. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says they have a fighting chance to recoup some of those losses in the pending Defense Authorization battle between the House and Senate.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , FERS , CSRS , retirement benefits , silver tsunami , Tobacco Bill , defense budget

Monday - 09/14/2009, 04:00am EDT

Low Ball or Fair Ball Pay Raise?

The January 2010 federal pay raise is shaping up to be the smallest increase since 1988. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains what happened and how it will shape up for feds in your city.

Tags: P&B , Mike Causey , pay raise

Monday - 08/24/2009, 04:00am EDT
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