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How to determine locality pay at issue

President Obama has proposed ending the locality pay surveys that help determine the gap between public and private sector pay and replacing them with a new method for measuring compensation.

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Wednesday - 02/03/2010, 10:40am EST

Federal Salary Council proposes locality increase for 2012

The report comes as Congress and the administration are considering a two-year pay freeze. The White House held 2011 locality pay at the 2010 levels. The council also wants to add six new cities to the locality pay list.

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Friday - 12/10/2010, 06:25pm EST

Obama: Locality pay will not increase in 2011

Locality pay will remain at 2010 levels.

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Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 08:25pm EST

Federal pay freeze Q&A

Your most commonly asked questions about the federal pay freeze are answered.

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Tuesday - 01/04/2011, 05:48am EST

Go West Young Fed!

In the government, your salary level doesn't only depend on what you do. Add in, or subtract, where you do it. Which explains why folks who work in Houston and Dallas make more than those in Austin or San Antonio. And why people who transfer from San Francisco and LA lose money when they come to DC. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains.

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Thursday - 05/26/2011, 04:00am EDT

Pay Agent rejects new locality pay areas

The President's pay agent said federal employees should not receive locality pay adjustments in 2012, despite recommendations by the Federal Salary Council for an increase.

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Monday - 05/16/2011, 02:21pm EDT

No pay raise for poor performing DoD civilians

A new bill would flatline pay for Defense civilian employees who receive poor performance ratings

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Thursday - 03/31/2011, 08:40am EDT

Your $1.3 Blllion Pay Freeze Tab

If you work in Lansing, Albany, Albuquerque, Charlotte, Harrisburg or Portland, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has some good news for you... and some bad news.

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Monday - 01/03/2011, 04:00am EST

Federal Salary Council recommends FY 2012 locality pay rates

This was the first meeting with the seven new members appointed earlier this month by the President. National Treasury Employees Union President and FSC council member Colleen Kelley gave us the details from the meeting.

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Wednesday - 11/24/2010, 01:41pm EST

Workforce proposals could affect your wallet

Federal employees and military service members could receive a 1.4 percent pay raise next year, the lowest in almost 40 years. That's one of the many federal workforce proposals in the president's 2011 budget request. We talked about them with John Palguta, Vice President for Policy at the Partnership for Public Service.

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Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 10:40am EST
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