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DHS clarifies rules around laptop searches at the border

The new directives come as the ACLU sues the agency for more information on the former policy's impact. Secretary Napolitano says the updated rules will improve privacy and civil liberties.

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Thursday - 08/27/2009, 04:49pm EDT

Save Money by Buying IT Hardware

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Friday - 05/01/2009, 01:51pm EDT

GPO accounts for some missing laptops

The Government Printing Office says some laptops claimed missing by an Inspector General report have been recovered.

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Wednesday - 12/22/2010, 02:54pm EST

Missing laptops equal $2B lost each year

A study by Poneman Institute estimates that $2 billion are lost each in lost laptops.

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Friday - 12/03/2010, 04:27pm EST

Use caution when buying used goods

You may want to think twice before hitting the classified ads or yard sales for a cheap deal on some used goods.

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Monday - 08/02/2010, 12:57am EDT

Wi-Fi finders can lead thieves to your laptop

Crooks are using inexpensive Wi-Fi finders to hone in on laptops that owners have stowed in lockers and cars, even in the trunks of cars.

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Wednesday - 03/10/2010, 01:08pm EST