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Good news/bad news about your health plan

It's your usual good news/bad news situation when it comes to open season for feds choosing which health plans make the most sense and save the most money for them, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

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Thursday - 11/13/2014, 02:00am EST

The joys and sorrows of shopping naked

Open season is upon us. That's the annual period when federal employees get the chance to change their health plans. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the vast majority of them -- 96 percent -- don't take advantage of this opportunity and may be losing out on considerable savings.

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Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 02:00am EST

Feds' health care costs to increase by 3.2 percent in 2015

The Office of Personnel Management released the latest costs for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Tuesday, which show an increase of less than 4 percent for the fourth straight year.

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Tuesday - 10/07/2014, 02:06pm EDT

Healthcare IT In Government - "Progress & Best Practices"

Listen June 26th at 12pm

Program will discuss the Current Status and Progress Made in Healthcare IT & with the NHIN, Best Practices & Benefits, Improvements in Security & Privacy of EHR's, and a Vision for The Future for Healthcare IT & NHIN

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Monday - 06/18/2012, 01:57pm EDT

Govt. gene sleuths stop superbug that killed 6

Over six frightening months, a deadly germ untreatable by most antibiotics spread in the nation's leading research hospital.

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Wednesday - 08/22/2012, 05:17pm EDT

NIST hosts two-day workshop on big data

Big data enthusiasts from government, industry and academia are getting their hands dirty. The National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Science Foundation held a two-day workshop recently to explore the technologies needed to collect and analyze big data. Attendees also examined how big data can enhance areas like science, health and security. The government announced in March its plans to invest $200 million dollars in the growing field.

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Friday - 06/15/2012, 04:45pm EDT

My HealtheVet - The Gateway to Veterans Health and Wellness

Tom Temin, of the Federal Drive, has an in depth discussion with the experts and users about the My HealtheVet program. He reviews the clinical applications of the new upgraded system and what that means for Veterans today and for the future.

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Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 12:17pm EDT

mHealth: Transforming the face of health service delivery

Hear firsthand from Dr. Mwendwa Mwenesi and Dr. Michael Cowan how mHealth is providing accessibility and affordability in global healthcare.

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Tuesday - 01/31/2012, 04:10pm EST

9/14/09 - Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense

Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense have been working for more than a decade on sharing health data but more work still needs to be done. According to a new report, the two agencies aren't ready to be fully inter-operable in their sharing of electronic medical data. While some progress has been made, VA and DOD still need to expand the inpatient records systems and hire more full-time employees to establish accountability for the department's interoperability efforts.

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Friday - 09/11/2009, 01:08pm EDT

Health Records

A decade long effort by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to share information between their Electronic Health Records systems is finally starting to bear some fruit. While VA and DOD are now able to exchange patients' social history data, share physical exam data and ensure high bandwidth for secure network gateways, GAO says they need to define more quantifiable goals. The two departments expect by September 30th to be able to transmit periodic health assessment data stored in the DOD electronic health record over to VA.

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Monday - 08/03/2009, 10:53am EDT
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