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Tips for protecting your agency from cyber attacks

Karen Evans, former administrator of the Office of Electronic Government and Information Technology at the Office of Management and Budget, offers her insight on how federal agencies can protect themselves in the aftermath of recent cyber attacks.

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Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 12:04pm EST

Hackers claim new attack on government website

A group called AntiSec says it has knocked offline late Monday. The Federal Trade Commission-run website is a partnership among 14 federal agencies.

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Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 08:24am EST

Duqu virus created over as long as 5 years

The spyware was designed to steal your information, and open the network for even worse cyber attacks.

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Monday - 11/14/2011, 06:30pm EST

Trojan virus is hackers' weapon of choice

Panda Labs researchers say the Trojan virus accounts for three out of every four new virus strains created last quarter.

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Monday - 11/07/2011, 05:06pm EST

Hackers recycling malware ... or getting lazy

The malware was originally written for Linux nearly ten years ago, but hackers are recompiling the code to make it run on Mac OS X.

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Wednesday - 11/02/2011, 06:17pm EDT

Copycat malware not from Stuxnet creators

The Stuxnet worm doesn't have a twin after all. Last month Symantec discovered a malware threat with such strong similarities to Stuxnet they called it the Son of Stuxnet.

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Monday - 10/31/2011, 04:51pm EDT

New report from McAfee/CSIS warns of constant cyber attacks

Learn all about it, and a criminal who hacked into 49 Congressional Web sites, in today's cybersecurity update.

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Thursday - 01/28/2010, 03:30pm EST

Critical infrastructure under constant attack

You are under cyber attack. That's the top finding of a new report, In the Crossfire: Critical Infrastructure in the Age of Cyberwar. The survey was commissioned by IT security giant McAfee and authored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

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Friday - 01/29/2010, 08:55am EST

Stiffest ever hacker sentence handed down

GAO to release FDCC and TIC audits, TechAmerica spent $378,000 in 4Q lobbying, NIPRNET to get Web 2.0 guidance

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Monday - 03/29/2010, 08:21am EDT
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