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PTO ends one fast-track approval program, extends another

As it prepares to implement the changes enacted by a sweeping patent reform bill, the Patent and Trademark Office is ending one of the temporary fast-track programs it created to clear out its backlog of patent applications. Another is being extended.

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Friday - 12/23/2011, 05:29am EST

Cisco: energy efficient solutions

Robert Aldrich
Senior Manager and Principal for Cisco's Efficiency Assurance Program
June 23rd, 2009

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Tuesday - 06/23/2009, 10:51am EDT

Energy solid behind solid state OLEDs

The pilot facility will demonstrate the scalability of phosphorescent OLED technology and materials. DOE's Jim Brodrick explains how it works.

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Tuesday - 11/02/2010, 10:15am EDT

'Green' whitewashing covers the dirty truth

Nearly every product that claims to be environmentally friendly is misleading to buyers, an environmental marketing firm claims.

Tags: green products , FTC , Federal Trade Commission , TerraChoice , Scott case , Underwriters Laboratory of Canada , environmentally friendly

Tuesday - 10/26/2010, 09:34am EDT

Energy finds smart grid smarter than expected

A smart electrical power grid could decrease annual electric energy use and utility sector carbon emissions at least 12 percent by 2030. We get details from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Rob Pratt.

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Monday - 10/18/2010, 09:31am EDT

Greenbacks for green tech

The next bubble looks green from here.

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Wednesday - 03/18/2009, 12:51pm EDT