6:05 am, May 25, 2015

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Budget calls for consolidation within multiple agencies

President Obama's fiscal 2016 budget proposes merging components of the Agriculture Department and FDA that handle food safety, as well as business and trade agencies.

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Tuesday - 02/03/2015, 06:40am EST

FDA proposes sweeping new food safety rules

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday proposed the most sweeping food safety rules in decades, requiring farmers and food companies to be more vigilant in the wake of deadly outbreaks in peanuts, cantaloupe and leafy greens.

Tags: FDA , CDC , Michael Taylor

Friday - 01/04/2013, 02:00pm EST

Federal produce-testing program spared _ for now

The nation's largest produce-safety testing program narrowly escaped closure thanks to a last-minute grudging reprieve from the Agriculture Department, and finding a permanent solution to keep tainted fruits and vegetables from reaching consumers could take an even bigger effort.

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Tuesday - 07/17/2012, 03:22am EDT

PFP Pilot at USDA

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Friday - 02/06/2009, 09:37am EST

Food Safety: What's in Your Mouth?

The nation's food safety system is a "hazard to public health". Now what?

Tags: mngt , FDA , food supply , William Hubbard

Tuesday - 03/17/2009, 12:38pm EDT

How long does food last after an outage?

Power outages that last for hours mean you will probably need to throw out a lot of food in your refrigerator and freezer.

Tags: outages , USDA , U.S. Department of Agriculture

Monday - 07/26/2010, 07:03am EDT

FDA gets a food safety mandate, without the money

A $1.4 billion overhaul of the food safety system, giving the FDA new power to increase inspections at food processing facilities and force companies to recall tainted products. Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg joins us with an update.

Tags: Federal Drive , FDA , management , Margaret Hamburg , tainted food

Tuesday - 02/01/2011, 10:08am EST

Making the grade: D.C. proposes restaurant hygiene ratings

A letter grade of A, B, C or F would come from D.C. Department of Health inspectors, under a bill introduced Tuesday.

Tags: restaurants , D.C. Department of Health , Mary Cheh , restaurant grades , restaurant ratings , Andrew Mollenbeck

Wednesday - 01/19/2011, 12:09am EST

The best frozen chicken wings for the playoffs

Whether they're watching the Falcons play the Packers or the Ravens versus the Steelers on Saturday, or the Seahawks take on the Bears or the Jets/Patriots matchup on Sunday, all will be thinking about wings.

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Thursday - 01/13/2011, 09:45am EST

Farmers improving food safety by tracking produce

As the effort for new food safety legislation is slowing on Capitol Hill, farmers and food suppliers are already moving to improve the way produce is traced from the fields to kitchen tables.

Tags: tracking , Capitol Hill , Dole Food , IBM , GPS monitoring , salmonella

Thursday - 10/14/2010, 01:27am EDT
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