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Analysis: Poll shows public is angry at feds

Ed O'Keefe, the Washington Post's Federal Eye, joined the DorobekINSIDER to discuss the results of the Post's poll on public perception of federal employees.

Tags: Ed O'Keefe , Washington Post , public perception , poll , Dorobek Insider , pay debate

Monday - 10/18/2010, 07:00pm EDT

Why there's been a backlash against feds lately

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says he thinks he has the answer.

Tags: pay and benefits , Mike Causey , Your Turn , DorobekInsider

Tuesday - 06/22/2010, 04:45pm EDT

The Federal Pay Debate has real consequences

Some of the budget cutting ideas like pay cuts and freezes, furloughs and cutbacks are "just crazy" according to a federal employee union official.

Tags: pay and benefits , AFGE , DFAS , pay debate , Arnold Scott , furloughs , Suzanne Kubota

Friday - 01/07/2011, 01:40pm EST

Polls find public negativity toward feds

A Washington Post poll and Rasmussen Reports survey both find public negativity toward federal employees and the government.

Tags: Washington Post , Rasmussen Reports , overpaid , poll , survey , public perception , pay debate

Monday - 10/18/2010, 12:18pm EDT

Federal retirement benefits on the chopping block

Host Debra Roth is joined by Federal News Radio's Mike Causey, NARFE Legislative Director Dan Adcock, and World at Work's Lenny Sanicola to talk about pending legislation in Congress that would change retirement benefits for federal workers.
May 20, 2011

Tags: pay and benefits , federal retirement , TSP , Congress , Tim Geithner , debt ceiling , deficit reduction , deficit reduction commission , fiscal commission , Civil Service retirement and disability trust fund , FERS , CSRS , Debra Roth , Shaw, Bransford and Roth , Mike Causey , Your Turn , Dan Adcock , NARFE , Lenny Sanicola , World at Work , Fed Talk

Friday - 05/20/2011, 08:24pm EDT

OPM, Republicans continue battle over federal pay

Director John Berry pushes back against claims from members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that federal employees are overpaid. Rep. Issa called the pay freeze a "farce" and wants step-increases frozen for this year. Berry and Democrat lawmakers continue to make the case that feds deserve their salaries.

Tags: pay and benefits , John Berry , Jason Chaffetz , Dennis Ross , Stephen Lynch , Darrell Issa , OPM , House Oversight and Government Reform Committee , bonuses , performance system , CHCO Council , GS-System , Jason Miller , pay debate

Wednesday - 03/09/2011, 04:52pm EST

What the proposed 2012 budget means for feds

Under President Obama's proposed FY 2012 budget, federal employees' pay would still be frozen for two years, military pay would be raised 1.6 percent, and hundreds of federal programs would be terminated and reduced.

Tags: newssstand , FY 2012 budget , pay and benefits , military pay , Suzanne Kubota

Monday - 02/14/2011, 01:10pm EST

Optimistic forecast for local housing market

The local housing market continues to rebound, showing price increases for 12 consecutive months. The large federal workforce accounts for much of this success.

Tags: housing , housing market , federal pay freeze , John McClain

Tuesday - 11/30/2010, 11:36am EST

Federal Salary Council recommends FY 2012 locality pay rates

This was the first meeting with the seven new members appointed earlier this month by the President. National Treasury Employees Union President and FSC council member Colleen Kelley gave us the details from the meeting.

Tags: Federal Drive , management , Federal Salary Council , locality pay , Colleen Kelley

Wednesday - 11/24/2010, 01:41pm EST

Your Future: Omnibus or Ominous?

The shattered lame duck session of the 111th Congress has limped back in town with lots of homework to complete in a short time. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it includes the federal pay raise (if any), job security issues, $250 payments for retirees and a new TSP perk.

Tags: pay & benefits , Mike Causey , pay raise , pay freeze , omnibus , $250 payment , furloughs , TSP , sick leave

Tuesday - 11/16/2010, 04:00am EST
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