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Double-check your financial planning checklist

Certified Financial Planner Nick Onder answers your questions on how to put together a financial checklist.
February 4, 2013

Tags: pay and benefits , financial planning , retirement , Nick Onder , Edward Jones , financial checklist , life insurance , disability insurance , healthcare plan , umbrella policy , long term care insurance , Bob Leins , For Your Benefit

Monday - 02/04/2013, 10:38pm EST

The "state" of the estate tax

Host Bob Leins talks about the new federal estate tax law and other estate tax issues with attorney Marc Levine.
January 14, 2013

Tags: pay and benefits , retirement , Marc Levine , Handler-Levine , Bob Leins , For Your Benefit

Monday - 01/14/2013, 08:31pm EST

Putting together an estate plan

Estate planner Marc Levine tells you what to expect from your estate planning attorney and what your experience should be like.
July 9, 2012(Encore presentation September 24, 2012)

Tags: pay and benefits , Marc Levine , Bob Leins , John Elliott , retirement , For Your Benefit

Monday - 07/09/2012, 07:18pm EDT

Financial planning & long term care

Host Mike Causey will talk estate planning with attorney Tom O'Rourke, and long term care with Paul Forte and Mary Lou McGuiness of Long Term Care Partners.
June 27, 2012(Encore presentation July 4, 2012)

Tags: pay and benefits , powers of attorney , trusts , Paul Forte , Mary Lou McGuiness , Long Term Care Partners , Medicare , Medicaid , retirement , Mike Causey , Your Turn , Tom ORourke

Wednesday - 06/27/2012, 09:13pm EDT

Estate planning

Estate planning specialist Marc Levine provides tips on how to prepare for your family's financial future.
April 30, 2012

Tags: pay and benefits , Bob Leins , Marc Levine , trusts , powers of attorney , stand by guardians , For Your Benefit , retirement

Monday - 04/30/2012, 10:12pm EDT

A look ahead at estate planning

Estate planner Marc Levine discusses possible changes to tax laws that could affect estate plans.
February 13, 2012(Encore presentation April 9, 2012)

Tags: pay and benefits , Bob Leins , NITP , Marc Levine , Handler-Levine , estate tax , revocable living trust , power of attorney , For Your Benefit

Monday - 02/13/2012, 09:49pm EST

Estate planning

Marc Levine, a principal of Handler-Levine, joins host Bob Leins to talk about the lifetime documents that you should have for your family's well-being.
October 24, 2011

Tags: pay and benefits , Marc Levine , Handler-Levine , Bob Leins , For Your Benefit

Monday - 10/24/2011, 07:33pm EDT

Should you convert to a Roth IRA?

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey chats with Attorney Thomas J. O'Rourke.
Feb. 3, 2010

Tags: pay & benefits , Your Turn , Mike Causey , Thomas J. O'Rourke , TSP , taxes ,

Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 02:09pm EST

Learn the importance of proper estate planning

Hear more in today's preview of Your Turn.

Tags: pay & benefits , Your Turn , Mike Causey ,

Tuesday - 04/06/2010, 04:48pm EDT

Develop a comprehensive estate plan now

Planning for what happens after you die is not pleasant to think about, but it is essential, especially if you are a resident of the D.C. metro area. Tom O'Rourke is an estate planning expert who talked with Senior Correspondent Mike Causey about why you need to take time, and spend a bit of money, to plan for what will happen after you pass.

Tags: pay & benefits , Your Turn , Mike Causey , Tom O'Rourke , Dorothy Ramienski

Wednesday - 07/21/2010, 11:00am EDT
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