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Treasury's Lew: Congress needs to pass debt limit

Tags: Jack Lew , Treasury , budget

Monday - 07/29/2013, 05:06pm EDT

Congress sends bill to Obama averting govt default

Tags: Congress , House , budget ,

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 06:33pm EST

Housing, jobs and CNG vehicles in 2013

On this week's Bloomberg Government Capital Impact show, analysts examine the hurdles that remain for natural gas vehicles. Plus what does the future hold for housing, jobs and the debt limit in 2013?
January 31, 2013

Tags: acquisition , Natural Gas , CNG vehicles , gasoline alternatives , housing , jobs , Rob Barnett , Nela Richardson , Allen Scott , Bloomberg Government , Capital Impact

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 06:53pm EST

House postpones federal pay freeze vote

The House has postponed a vote on a bill to extend the federal pay freeze through the rest of 2013. In its place, the House is set to vote on a measure withholding congressional pay unless lawmakers pass a budget part of a broader deal to extend the debt limit.

Tags: Congress , House , budget , federal pay freeze , Ron DeSantis , Eric Cantor

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 05:01pm EST

House to vote Wednesday on raise in debt limit

Tags: House , Congress

Monday - 01/21/2013, 04:06pm EST

Government shutdown and the G Fund

Just about every federal investor knows that the super-safe, never-has-a-bad day Treasury securities G Fund is the place to be when times are tough, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says. But what happens if Uncle Sam loses the ability to borrow in order to pay off debts? Where should G Fund investors go?

Tags: Mike Causey , Federal Report , pay and benefits , retirement , TSP , G Fund

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 02:00am EST

Boehner: GOP will pass 'responsible' debt bill

Speaker John Boehner says the GOP-controlled House will "do its job" and pass legislation to lift the nation's borrowing cap and keep the government running, but will insist that Democrats accept new spending controls.

Tags: Congress , House , budget , John Boehner

Monday - 01/14/2013, 12:48pm EST

Sequestration, debt limit, and more

Trey Hodgkins, senior vice president for Global Public Sector at TechAmerica, will discuss how sequestration and other issues will affect contracting and acquisition.
October 8, 2012

Tags: acquisition , contracting , Trey Hodgkins , Tech America , 2012 Vision Conference , sequestration , IT manufacturing , continuing resolution , procurement , FITARA , shared risk , Mark Amtower , Amtower Off Center

Monday - 10/08/2012, 10:03pm EDT

TSP Board: G Fund protected despite debt ceiling

The board that oversees the Thrift Savings Plan is reminding federal employees that their G Fund investments are safe even if the government reaches the debt ceiling and cannot issue new securities to the G fund.

Tags: TSP , Greg Long , retirement , pay and benefits , G Fund , Congress , Barack Obama , Tom Trabucco

Thursday - 01/19/2012, 03:50pm EST
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