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Trends in global defense spending

Jack Midgley, a director in Deloitte's Global Defense Consulting practice will discuss the findings in the company's recent report on defense spending.
January 7, 2014

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Tuesday - 01/07/2014, 11:56pm EST

Pentagon creates new medal for cyber, drone wars

They fight the war from computer consoles and video screens.Now their battlefield contributions may be recognized with the first new combat-related medal to be created in decades.

Tags: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta , cyberattacks , Distinguished Warfare Medal

Wednesday - 02/13/2013, 06:24pm EST

USAF cybersecurity unit ready to launch

Established in August, the San Antonio cybersecurity center will be launching by the end of the year.

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Monday - 11/30/2009, 07:59am EST

Security Conference: GovSec

Don Berey
Show Director
March 10th, 2009

Tags: technology , cybersecurity , GovSec

Tuesday - 03/10/2009, 01:09pm EDT

China steps up cyber capabilities

China has stepped up its cyber espionage and cyberwarfare capabilities, State Dept. pilot program launched, bill banning P2P programs on federal desktops introduced.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , China , Edolphus Towns

Wednesday - 11/18/2009, 09:00am EST

Risks of cyber warfare outlined

Very few single cyber-related events have the capacity to cause global shock, but...

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Monday - 01/17/2011, 08:30am EST

Chertoff wants boost in U.S. cyberdefense

Chertoff wants to see the nation's cyber defense increased, telling the BBC that cyberspace is just as integral to our nation's security as ground, sea and air warfare.

Tags: cybersecurity , DHS , Michael Chertoff , cyberterrorism , technology , defense , Federal Drive ,

Monday - 11/15/2010, 09:19am EST

Cyberwarfare now the norm, says NATO

"It's no exaggeration to say that cyber attacks have become a new form of permanent, low-level warfare," says NATO's Secretary General.

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Monday - 09/27/2010, 09:30am EDT

Cybersecurity Center pitched for USNA

Panetta concerned about cyberwarfare

Tags: Federal Drive , Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , Navy , USNA , Leon Panetta , CIA

Tuesday - 06/29/2010, 09:30am EDT

USNA offers Cyberwarfare 101

As cybersecurity grows in importance to national security, the nation's three major military academies are teaching students how to be effective cyber warriors, both by defending and attacking computer systems. Andrew Phillips, the Naval Academy's chief academic officer, said the computer science department is running its first cybersecurity course for students who are not computer science majors.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , military academies , USNA , Andrew Phillips

Monday - 04/19/2010, 10:30am EDT