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Analysis: Doctrine of 'Internet Power' key to dominance in cyber domain

There's plenty of talk about the role of the United States in cyber space. But what's lacking, one expert argues, is a defining doctrine. Ronald Marks, a senior fellow at George Washington University's Homeland Security Policy Institute, joined In Depth with Francis Rose, to discuss his idea for a comprehensive cyber doctrine.

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Monday - 03/05/2012, 06:39pm EST

Cyber weaknesses could deter US from cyber war

America's critical computer networks are so vulnerable to attack, it should act as a deterrent to war, U.S. cybersecurity expert, Richard Clarke said, according to the Associated Press.

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Tuesday - 11/08/2011, 08:24am EST

DoD hammering out cyber rules of cyberspace

The Joint Staff is reviewing the doctrine, which should define when the military can go on the cyber offensive. Once it is approved, Cyber Command will put out guidance and tailor its training accordingly.

Tags: DoD , DoD Report , Cyber Command , Keith Alexander , Federal Drive , Tom Temin , Amy Morris

Friday - 10/21/2011, 12:28pm EDT

DoD finalizes cyber warfighting strategy

Dr. Steven Bucci is IBM's Issue Lead for Cyber and explains DoD's strategy.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Steven Bucci , IBM , In Depth

Friday - 04/01/2011, 04:30pm EDT

Cyber 'militias' appearing in cyberspace

Militias have always played a big part in wars. But now cyber militias are popping up all over cyberspace.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , DoD , Air Force , cyber militias , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 03/02/2011, 02:36pm EST

Engineering, math investment needed to stay ahead in cyber war

Cyber Command Director General Keith Alexander says we'll need to stay a step ahead in the cyber war by investing in science, math and engineering.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Threat Report , Keith Alexander , Dorobek Insider

Friday - 02/18/2011, 03:46pm EST

RSA cyber conference: Act now on cyber war

RSA Security Conference in San Francisco debates the possibility of warfare moving in to the cyber realm.

Tags: RSA Security Conference , Michael Chertoff , Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Dorobek Insider

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 02:12pm EST

East West Institute: Cybersecurity needs global rules

When it comes to traditional warfare, there are defined rules of engagement - and now cybersecurity experts are proposing similar ground rules for cyber warfare.

Tags: EastWest Institute , Cybersecurity Update , Technology , Karl Fredrick Rauscher , Dorobek Insider

Monday - 02/14/2011, 03:13pm EST

East West Insittute: Cyber warfare needs global rules of engagement

The institute says that a comparable set of rules that apply to traditional warfare are needed in cyber war as well.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , Technology , rules of engagement , Infosecurity , Dorobek Insider

Friday - 02/04/2011, 04:07pm EST

Oxford University report: How to prep for cyber-attacks

Oxford University's Ian Brown discusses his report on the dim prospects of a cyber war.

Tags: cybersecurity , Technology , Ian Brown , Oxford University , Dorobek Insider

Monday - 01/24/2011, 03:50pm EST
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