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DoJ's new cybersecurity office to aid in worldwide investigations

The Justice Department is taking its cyber crime-fighting efforts to a new level with the addition of a new cybersecurity unit. The unit will be operating under DoJ's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property section, and will serve to offer legal advice for cyber crime investigations worldwide.

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Monday - 12/29/2014, 04:31am EST

Cars, toasters, medical devices add to DHS' cyber headaches

The Science and Technology Directorate's Cybersecurity Division received dozens of proposals to protect the next emerging area for cybersecurity, called physical systems. S&T will receive 70 proposals across four major areas and award $95 million to the best ideas in early 2015.

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Friday - 10/31/2014, 04:36am EDT

DoD hosting cyber crime conference

The Defense Department is taking submissions for its 12th annual Cyber Crime Conference. The conference is sponsored by DoD's Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). Planners expect more than 200 speakers and 20 different track sessions. Participants from agencies, universities and industry are invited to share ways to prevent cyber crime. Submissions for research abstracts are due by July 6th.

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Monday - 06/11/2012, 06:56pm EDT

Lockheed to provide cyber crime support to DoD

The ceiling value on the contract is $454 million. Most of the work will be located in Linthicum, Md., at at DC3 headquarters.

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Friday - 05/04/2012, 09:01am EDT

Cyber Security: Achieving Cyber Resilience

Faced with rapid technological advancements and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, organizations must act now to acquire or improve cyber resilience to protect their agencies or departments from theft, fraud and sabotage. Experience has shown that cyber resilience requires a coordinated approach across five areas: policy and compliance; budget; the IT enterprise architecture; acquisitions, and security operations. Determining where to focus first is often difficult. Many organizations begin with a situational assessment of their cyber health within the context of the current environment and their own business and mission imperatives. From there, organizations can quickly prioritize problems -business processes, operational, technological or personnel - and take decisive actions that will enhance cyber resilience and help reduce risk.

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Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 02:21pm EST

FBI uses coordinated, interagency efforts to battle cyber crime

Patrick Carney
Assistant Director, FBI Cyber Crime Division
Oct. 15, 2009

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Tuesday - 10/13/2009, 12:45pm EDT

More than 100 nabbed in global bank hack

More than 100 people have been arrested or charged in the U.S. and the U.K. as part of an alleged global cyber-crime ring, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Friday - 10/01/2010, 03:09pm EDT

Cyber Warfare Prevention - Securing Your Software and Applications

Thursday, June 17th

The sophistication of security breaches of federal information systems and reports of improper access to these systems continues to grow at an alarming rate. Clearly, there is concern about and a desire to improve the security of these critical infrastructures. So where and how do we begin to effectively safeguard today's systems from cyber threats and increasing system vulnerabilities? c

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Monday - 06/07/2010, 07:04pm EDT

Md. college students win cyber defense competition

While the Washington area may be tops when it comes to cyber criminals, our region is also a home to a growing number of cyber defenders-in-training.

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Tuesday - 03/16/2010, 05:49pm EDT
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