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Avoiding credit card problems overseas

Don't count on your credit card on that big summer trip abroad.

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Sunday - 06/19/2011, 05:18pm EDT

Banks could start charging you for debit cards

Banks are debating charging you $25 or $30 a year for your debit card.

Tags: bank fees , banking , debit cards , checking accounts

Wednesday - 01/05/2011, 01:23pm EST

Federal Government can track electronic transactions without a court order

It's a like live Twitter feed of a person's electronic transactions, and the Federal government can get it without a court order.

Tags: FBI , hotwatch , calling cards , cell phones , grocery loyalty cards , Christopher Soghoian , FOIA

Sunday - 12/05/2010, 03:03pm EST

Gifting credit card rewards

A novel approach to holiday shopping: use your credit card rewards!

Tags: rewards points , holiday shopping , Nathan Hager , kimberly palmer

Monday - 11/22/2010, 12:19pm EST

Holiday shopping: cash out, credit cards in

As local shoppers gear up for the holiday season, it may be safer and much more efficient to leave the greenbacks at home and stick with the plastic.

Tags: Veronica Robinson , Paul D. Shinkman , holiday shopping ,

Monday - 11/22/2010, 08:41am EST

Hidden fees eat away at prepaid card balance

Prepaid credit cards often sold at supermarkets are a simpler alternative to using credit cards, but hidden fees for using them can quickly eat away at the balances.

Tags: debit cards , prepaid cards , VISA , Mastercard , Bob Kur , Paul D. Shinkman , Consumer Reports , Consumers Union ,

Monday - 10/18/2010, 08:43am EDT

Hotel in your future? Guard your credit card

A study by SpiderLabs, a part of the data-security consulting company Trustwave, found 38 percent of last year's credit card hacking charges involved the hotel industry.

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Thursday - 07/08/2010, 09:46am EDT

How happy is your wallet?

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Friday - 05/29/2009, 10:28am EDT