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Pentagon cuts costs, challenges contractors

What industry really thinks about the Pentagon's cost cutting plan from Stan Soloway of the Professional Services Council

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Friday - 09/17/2010, 10:41am EDT

GAO: Sensitive info may be in danger

How sure are you that the contractors you're working with at your agency are handling sensitive information in the way that they should - or that you expect they will? John Needham is the Director of Acquisition and Sourcing Issues at GAO.

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Thursday - 09/16/2010, 06:00pm EDT

Army rebuilding contracting workforce

The Army is trying to get the word out that it needs good people to help manage money. The lagging economy, stubborn unemployment and improved pay and benefits are helping to attract the next generation of acquisition professionals into the fold.

Tags: management , pay & benefits , DoD , Army , Jacques Gansler , Ed Harrington , Jeff Parsons , Kim Denver , acquisition workforce , Max Cacas

Thursday - 09/16/2010, 06:49am EDT

Acquisition marching orders change at Defense

Appropriators slash F-35 purchases in fiscal 2011, U.S. charges Florida pair with selling counterfeit computer chips from China to the U.S. Navy and military

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Wednesday - 09/15/2010, 08:40am EDT

China to Build Pipelines from Myanmar

According to Chinese media, The China National Petroleum Corporation has begun construction of oil and natural gas pipelines between China and Myanmar. According to the company's statement, CNPC wants to complete the China section of the pipelines, as well as the refinery, by 2013. The significance of this information, plus other recent reports about China building a railroad through Burma, is that they reinforce the assessment that Chinese leaders see Burma as a gateway for channeling natural resources to China. This symbolizes the next step in China's economic expansion by creating a network of vertical and horizontal monopolies on a global scale.

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Wednesday - 09/15/2010, 08:00am EDT

What impact will new DoD procurement procedure have?

Learn more about efforts to increase competition in DoD contracting

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Tuesday - 09/14/2010, 07:32pm EDT

Gates orders changes to contracting procedure

Learn more in today's DoD Report

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Tuesday - 09/14/2010, 06:04pm EDT
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