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Indonesia to Purchase More Fighter Jets from Russia

The Indonesian government plans to order six more Russian-built fighter planes according to statements made by the country's air force Chief of Staff. Indonesia already has 10 of the aircraft, which are not enough to cover the country's airspace. Indonesia's acquisition of Russian weapons systems revives memories of the era when Indonesia had the largest navy and the most powerful air force in Southeast Asia, all provided by the Soviet Union. Indonesia retains many links to the US armed forces and has much US-supplied equipment. Having both US and Russian systems ensures something will be flyable irrespective of international political considerations.

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Thursday - 09/23/2010, 08:00am EDT

GSA's office supply contract causes concern

The General Services Administration freezes Schedule 75 to new vendors shortly after awarding a new strategic sourcing contract for office supplies. Small businesses say the combination of the two could have a detrimental effect on their ability to sell to the government. GSA expects to save $52 million a year across government from the BPA's lower prices.

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Thursday - 09/23/2010, 07:28am EDT

GSA stops using new vendors for office supplies

The goal is to encourage agencies to use the new blanket purchase agreements signed with 15 companies in June.

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Wednesday - 09/22/2010, 04:35pm EDT

OFPP details increased oversight of interagency contracts

A new report to Congress says OFPP will release new policies this fall to improve the management and use of multiple award contracts. One of the policies will require business cases for all multi- and inter-agency contracts. OFPP found that agencies spent more than $52 billion on these contracts in 2009.

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Wednesday - 09/22/2010, 03:10pm EDT

China Using Harassment Tactics against Japan

A Chinese national threw beer bottles at the Japanese consulate general in Guangzhou on September 9th, and Japanese school buildings were attacked in Tianjin . An anti-Japanese rally was held in Beijing on September 18th to protest the detention of the fishing boat captain held in Japan, after which ministerial contacts were severed between the two countries on the 19th. Public protests are never spontaneous in China. These harassment tactics signify that the fishing boat incident is now a serious international confrontation which continues to escalate. Precedent suggests there is an increased threat of violence against Japanese nationals in China.

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Wednesday - 09/22/2010, 08:00am EDT

HHS chooses Verizon for second Networx deal

The Department of Health and Human Services chose Verizon to provide data services under the Networx telecommunications contract.

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Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 02:21pm EDT

Pakistan Confirms Presence of Chinese Soldiers

Pakistan Defense Minister Mukhtar said Pakistan does not want a war with India, but if India tried to impose a war behind the facade of a Kashmir dispute, then Pakistan would fully defend its territory. Mukhtar said India's concern over the presence of Chinese troops in Gilgit-Baltistan is incorrect. He said China is Pakistan's friend and has helped the country in tough times. He also said the Chinese troops were in no way interfering with Pakistan's sovereignty. Mukhtar's remarks sound a lot like an admission about the accuracy of the Indian accusations, implicitly confirming the presence of Chinese soldiers in far northern Pakistan.

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Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 08:00am EDT

NIH issues $20 billion CIO-SP3 RFP

The GWAC is focused on providing health IT services along with other general technology functions. Vendors must have specific health IT capabilities to bid on the contract. NIH said a small business RFP of the contract will be issued soon.

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Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 07:10am EDT

Food Riots Unavoidable this Fall

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization called a meeting for September 24 to address the highest increase in food prices since 2008. That was the year of world-wide riots fueled by speculators and shortages. Wheat production is down from last year, but is still the third largest harvest on record. The problem leading to riots is usually not supply, but distribution and availability at reasonable cost. For countries as poor as Mozambique, even slight price increases make living impossible. Other countries at risk of disorders are China, Egypt, Pakistan, Senegal and Serbia. More food riots are unavoidable this fall.

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Thursday - 09/16/2010, 08:00am EDT

Last day to comment on Labor Department's possible rule change for disabled worker hiring

A proposed rule change by the Labor Department would give preference to contractors that hire disabled workers. All comments on the proposed change must be submitted by Tuesday.

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Monday - 09/20/2010, 05:30pm EDT
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