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DHS ups connectivity on the northern border

A new project will outfit CBP border agents, check point officers and agency aircraft with secure voice and data communications connectivity along 1,200 miles of continuous U.S. border and more than 20,000 square miles of operating area. Details from Motorola's Mark McNulty.

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Thursday - 10/28/2010, 10:31am EDT

North Korea in Danger of Food Shortage This Winter

A report to the UN Secretary General indicated North Korea is in danger of another food crisis this winter because of poor harvests. A South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman reaffirmed the government policy of not providing large scale food aid to North Korea, regardless of need unless the political atmosphere improves. Prior to the 2008 election of the hard line Lee administration, the South provided 400,000 tons of rice and 300,000 tons of fertilizer to the North annually. The government in Seoul will still approve private humanitarian relief, such as a recent shipment of rice and supplies for flood victims.

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Wednesday - 10/27/2010, 11:44am EDT

Honeywell wins Army logistic contract

The U.S. Army Sustainment Command has awarded Honeywell logistics contracts worth more than $230 million to manage global inventory, maintenance and operations for three Army Field Support Brigades.

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Wednesday - 10/27/2010, 08:40am EDT

Are there Industry-wide consequences of the GTSI suspension?

Jonathan Aronie writes in the Government Contracts blog that SBA's suspension of GTSI could have industry-wide implications.

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Tuesday - 10/26/2010, 03:42pm EDT

Priorities of the Procurement Round Table

What's behind the creation of Acquisition University and how far can acquisition changes be expected to drive improved government management? Host Larry Allen discusses these issues with General William Tuttle, Chairman of the Procurement Round Table.
October 26, 2010

Tags: Bill Tuttle , Procurement Roundtable , Industry , Acquisition University , insourcing , Larry Allen , Off the Shelf

Tuesday - 10/26/2010, 03:12pm EDT

North Korea May be Planning More Nuclear Tests

North Korea might be preparing for another nuclear test. Reports of increased activity detected by US imaging satellites and South Korean reports of "brisk movement" of people and vehicles at the site of the North's 2006 nuclear tests are the bases for the spike in concern. Kim Chong-un probably requires some sensational grand gesture to validate his leadership, however severe the backlash. He needs something he can claim as his own idea. Pyongyang leadership should recognize that it cannot bear the economic impact of more sanctions. The NightWatch prediction is that there will be no nuclear test before 2011, but there may be some other sensational or provocative action.

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Tuesday - 10/26/2010, 11:41am EDT

Contractors navigate workplace mediation without roadmap

Federal agencies are challenged with how to treat worker grievances from contractors, who do not have the same mediation procedures as federal workers.

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Monday - 10/25/2010, 02:49pm EDT

US Hikers Will Stand Trial in Iran

American hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal will stand trial in Iran on November 6th, according to the Swiss ambassador in Tehran. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Iranian authorities should exercise the humanitarian option and release them, adding that the US does not believe there is a basis for the arrest charges. The United States and Iran need to discuss many matters of significance, Clinton stated. Movement to trial should enable the release of the two men, though they probably will be convicted and given a prison sentence. That scenario will give President Ahmadi-Nejad a platform and opportunity to show forgiveness, provided of course the men show proper remorse.

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Monday - 10/25/2010, 11:40am EDT

DHS extends SBINet program

The Homeland Security Department extended the contract for its SBINet program until Nov. 17.

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Friday - 10/22/2010, 04:45pm EDT

Does your company need a board of advisers?

Stan Krejci of the SK Group discusses the idea of a board of advisers with host Mark Amtower. Does your company need one? How should you assmble one?
October 22, 2010

Tags: Stan Krejci , SK Group , Industry , management , Mark Amtower , Amtower Off Center

Friday - 10/22/2010, 12:51pm EDT
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