1:40 pm, January 30, 2015

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Reported Fighting in Afghanistan May Have Been Defection

Two contradictory stories have emerged about fighting in Khogiani District of Ghazni Province in eastern Afghanistan. The government version is that a large Taliban force gathered and attacked the District Center, burned the buildings and kidnapped 16 police on guard, taking their equipment and vehicles. The other version is that the police detachment defected to the Taliban with all their equipment and supplies then burned the District Center buildings. The more worrisome scenario is defection. The Taliban movement that came to power in Kabul in 1996 did so by negotiated defections. If that is what happened in this case, it will likely spread.

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Monday - 11/08/2010, 12:45pm EST

GTEC buys cyber analysis firm

Signature Government Solutions, LLC sold for $52.5 million in cash.

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Monday - 11/08/2010, 08:30am EST

DHS Correa moving to management role in CIS

Correa has spent 28 years working in the procurement area. She now moves to a broader role.

Tags: management , Soraya Correa , DHS , ICE , Jason Miller

Friday - 11/05/2010, 01:18pm EDT

Raytheon makes a big cyber buy

Raytheon has acquired Trusted Computer Solutions, a privately held company that delivers a comprehensive portfolio of cross-domain, operating system and network security solutions.

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Friday - 11/05/2010, 08:30am EDT

China Reportedly Bases Nuclear Sub in South China Seas

According to recent reports, commercial satellite imagery detected one and possibly two Type 093 nuclear-powered attack submarines docked at a Chinese navy base in the South China Sea. In 2008, a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine was detected at the same location, but is not assessed to be based there. China is building and basing submarines to enforce its maritime claims in the East and South China Seas. Experts rate the technology in the Type 093 as a generation or more behind the US, but it is better than anything in the navies of the Southeast Asian states that dispute China's sea claims.

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Thursday - 11/04/2010, 12:44pm EDT

Preview: Opportunities for DoD IT contracts

Changes are coming to Defense Department IT spending. Input's Deniece Peterson predicts what's ahead.

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Thursday - 11/04/2010, 10:08am EDT

Navy asks Congress for both LCS designs

Rival teams from Lockheed Martin and Austal USA have been waiting all year to see which of their designs would be chosen for the U.S. Navy's Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) competition. Now, if the Navy gets permission from the lame-duck Congress, the winner could be: both.

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Thursday - 11/04/2010, 09:40am EDT

IT spending forecast for 2012 and beyond

The federal government will increase its spending on information technology from $86 billion in 2010 to $112 billion by 2015, according to a new forecast by Input, a Reston, Va.-based consulting firm.

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Thursday - 11/04/2010, 09:08am EDT

Chinese General Visits Unexpectedly with Pakistan General

According to recent reports, Chinese Major General Hui recently visited Pakistan Chief of Army Staff, General Kayani. Chinese intelligence officials seldom visit Pakistan unless there is a problem. The usual problem is that Pakistan is harboring, aiding, training and abetting anti-Han Chinese Islamic terrorists in 42 camps within Pakistani Kashmir. Pakistani press said the general visited the tribal agencies in north western Pakistan. Neither party announced the general's agenda, but this type of visit usually signifies stress in the relationship related to security issues.

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Wednesday - 11/03/2010, 12:43pm EDT

Woytek talks success and future of NASA SEWP

Joanne Woytek is Program Manager for NASA's SEWP: Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement. She gives Tom Temin an update on the success of the program and tells him what lies ahead.

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Wednesday - 11/03/2010, 12:06pm EDT
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