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Time to integrate Macs at your agency

Forrester's David Johnson explains the steps you need to take to bring in Apple technology.

Tags: David Johnson , Forrester , MAC , Apple , Technology , In Depth

Monday - 11/14/2011, 05:31pm EST

Review: Rugged PC tablet takes a remote worker's lickin'

FederalNewsRadio's Tom Temin has been trying out Panasonic's Tough Book CF-19. After freezing together, falling together, and generally putting user and notebook through their paces, one winner emerges.

Tags: Tom Temin , Panasonic Tough Book CF-19 , Technology

Tuesday - 12/08/2009, 02:46pm EST

GAO: Feds needs to do better job of recycling computers, electronics

Recent GAO testimony highlights the need for more attention to how computers, electronics are recycled once they're too old for agency use.

Tags: Technology , management , GAO , John Stephenson , recycling , e-waste , Dorothy Ramienski

Thursday - 10/29/2009, 04:25pm EDT

Computer use, kids' test scores linked

Messaging, Web-surfing and online homework reinforce reading, communication and problem-solving skills. That is the conclusion of a six-year-long study that appears in the journal "Child Development."

Tags: University of Maryland , Sandra Hofferth , Internet , Evan Haning

Wednesday - 09/15/2010, 10:26am EDT

Farsighted, nearsighted ... and computer-sighted?

About 95 percent of people who spend three or more hours a day at their computer are affected by computer vision syndrome.

Tags: computer vision syndrome , Wall Street Journal , Veronica Robinson , glasses , vision

Wednesday - 08/18/2010, 03:08pm EDT

Computer hacking becoming easier and cheaper

Once upon a time, only computer geeks were smart enough to be cyber-criminals. Now, anyone with enough cash can become one.

Tags: malware , malicious software , hacker , spyware , Symantec , Evan Haning

Tuesday - 05/04/2010, 07:06pm EDT

Wi-Fi finders can lead thieves to your laptop

Crooks are using inexpensive Wi-Fi finders to hone in on laptops that owners have stowed in lockers and cars, even in the trunks of cars.

Tags: laptops , Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi detector , Evan Haning

Wednesday - 03/10/2010, 01:08pm EST

Grades changed at Churchill High

The Montgomery County school system is investigating whether students hacked into the grading system.

Tags: Montgomery County Public Schools , hacking , Churchill High School , students

Friday - 01/29/2010, 10:32am EST