12:20 pm, May 22, 2015

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Federal Workers and Help for Haiti: Past, Present & Future

What's important now, is that, even as the United States renders extraordinary emergency assistance, we begin working on our Haitian-exit strategy. Haiti deserves more than a future where it survives, forever tied to U.S. apron strings, living from dole to dole.

Tags: Lurita Doan , Haiti , State , DHS , HHS , defense , FAA

Monday - 01/18/2010, 11:53am EST

It's time to put away the white gloves

President Obama should take advantage of the fact he has a majority in Congress.

Tags: Barlow Herget , health care

Tuesday - 09/08/2009, 04:53pm EDT

Bailed out and unpunished

It's only nine and a half months from the New Hampshire Primary, Feb. 14. So, join me in my own demand for Mr. Obama and his Republican challengers: Prosecute a Wall Street banker.

Tags: Barlow Herget , bailout

Tuesday - 05/17/2011, 04:53pm EDT

The war that's still with us

I, as a white Southerner, still see ghosts, dragging the chains of segregation and the secret thoughts of racial inferiority.

Tags: Barlow Herget , Civil War , birthers

Tuesday - 04/26/2011, 10:56am EDT

Please, no 'shut 'er down' here

There's a lesson in the budget for the forthcoming battle over lifting the debt ceiling.

Tags: budget , Barlow Herget , shutdown , opinion

Monday - 04/18/2011, 01:32pm EDT

Japanese lessons

On of the lessons we can learn is the ongoing nightmare of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant can be instructive.

Tags: Barlow Herget , Japan earthquake , nuclear fuel , nuclear storage

Monday - 03/21/2011, 11:28am EDT

Another option to balance budget

The option that dare not speak its name.

Tags: Barlow Herget , taxes , budget

Monday - 03/14/2011, 02:32pm EDT

Been there, done that

The charter schools movement as a new backdoor to the old idea of segregated academies.

Tags: opinion , Barlow Herget

Thursday - 03/03/2011, 01:04pm EST

Shame on Boehner

The ignorance is not diminishing.

Tags: opinion , Barlow Herget , John Boehner

Thursday - 02/24/2011, 10:34am EST

Stimulus will help stalled economy

And how liberals have become progressives.

Tags: Barlow Herget , stimulus

Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 11:50am EDT
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