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Multitasking can sabotage your self-discipline

Constantly switching mindsets can lead you to snap at co-workers or cheat on your diet.

Tags: work environment , career , Andrew Mollenbeck , multitasking , Colleen Kelleher , concentration , mindset

Monday - 05/09/2011, 10:42am EDT

A cell phone urban legend

It's an urban legend that's been around for years. In fact, we first reported on it about seven or eight years ago.

Tags: Shirley Rooker , Call For Action , Do Not Call Registry , urban legend ,

Monday - 04/11/2011, 12:59pm EDT

Sorry, I can't hear you. D.C. has nasty cell reception

When it comes to cell phone reception, D.C. has a dubious distinction. It's No. 1 when it comes to the worst cell phone reception in the nation.

Tags: J.D. Power and Associates , cell phone reception ,

Thursday - 03/24/2011, 11:45am EDT

Petition aims to speed up delays in Japan donations

Cell phones have made it easy to donate to relief efforts in countries like Haiti and now Japan. But the reality is your donation may takes months to help anyone.

Tags: American Red Cross , Japan , Masaya Uchino , aid , Andrew Mollenbeck , Gary Emerling

Tuesday - 03/22/2011, 02:31pm EDT

Will your cell phone fry your brain?

Dave Ross, commentator

Tags: Dave Ross ,

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 08:43pm EST

About time: Devices merge wristwatches, cell phones

If you're looking for the time, do you check your watch or your cell phone? Some cool new watches now bring the two together.

Tags: LunaTik , TikTok , Allerta , Bluetooth , iPod nano , Max Smith , watches ,

Sunday - 02/20/2011, 08:57pm EST

How much of your cell phone bill goes to taxes?

Paying that cell phone bill every month can be expensive, and many people aren't aware of the money they are dishing out in taxes.

Tags: taxes , Scott Mackey , Michelle Basch

Thursday - 02/17/2011, 01:37am EST

Springfield man develops app that lets you report potholes

Hit a pothole and you can have your phone's GPS deliver the crater's location to the appropriate transportation department.

Tags: pothole , Springfield , Arlington , Minh Tran , app , pothole app , smartphone

Friday - 02/04/2011, 07:48am EST

Gap closed in hand held cell phone laws

If you are heading north from the D.C. region,and you have your cell phone you'd better not use it without a hands-free device while behind the wheel.

Tags: hands free device , Virginia House of Delegates

Sunday - 01/02/2011, 02:50pm EST

Md. changes cell rules, phones can go in courthouses

Under a new state policy that takes effect Saturday, people may enter court buildings with cell phones equipped with cameras and other electronic devices such as laptop computers.

Tags: Courthouse , Maryland Judiciary

Friday - 12/31/2010, 11:59am EST
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