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Do's and don'ts for feds on vacation

Federal employees are a prime target for hackers and other bad guys when on vacation. Learn 12 tips for keeping you and your federal-issued laptop safe while out of the office this summer.

Tags: vacation , workforce , laptop , Cybersecurity , hackers , Jerry Irvine , Prescient Solutions , Lauren Larson

Friday - 08/01/2014, 04:20pm EDT

5 futuristic technologies IBM says will soon be a reality

Topping IBM's new list of predictions for the next five years -- 3-D holographic phone calls from you cell.

Tags: Kathy Stewart , Technology , smart phone , smartphone

Thursday - 12/30/2010, 03:29pm EST

Connected takes on new meaning in bedroom

Twenty two percent of Americans say it's acceptable to be connected to their smart phones, PDAs and handheld computers while having sex.

Tags: Technology , sex , PDAs , smartphones , etiquette , Colleen Kelleher

Friday - 09/17/2010, 11:15am EDT

Control your car from your smartphone

With new programs from car manufacturers nationwide, you can do anything from starting your car to checking your tire pressure from the screen of your cell phone.

Tags: cars , Technology , iPhone , Nissan , General Motors

Wednesday - 07/21/2010, 04:55pm EDT

Marketers can target you by your smartphone's location

Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va., is drafting legislation that would require sites and companies seeking to collect location information about you to first provide provide disclosures and ask permission.

Tags: Rick Boucher , smartphones , marketing , Technology , Colleen Kelleher

Monday - 06/14/2010, 10:43am EDT

New app sends out silent distress signal

A new phone application called Silent Bodyguard sends a silent distress signal that will contact four different people and give them information on your whereabouts.

Tags: Clint Van Zandt , smart phone , Technology , GPS , Kathy Stewart

Monday - 03/29/2010, 12:56am EDT

Researchers: Cell phone security algorithm could be easily hacked

Have 80 percent of the world's cell phones become less secure in recent years?

Tags: Technology , Cybersecurity , Cybersecurity Update , Silicon Valley

Tuesday - 12/29/2009, 04:10pm EST

More pay-by-phone meters coming to Montgomery Co.

There are plans to add more than 1,000 of the special meters in North Bethesda in July.

Tags: Bethesda , Wheaton , Silver Spring , parking meters ,

Sunday - 06/19/2011, 10:50pm EDT

The next generation business cards: Just scan it

Given that most people use their smartphones for pretty much everything, it's possible they could eventually replace business cards, too.

Tags: smart phone , business card , smartphone , Quick Response codes , QR codes

Sunday - 06/12/2011, 06:27pm EDT

Some cell phones safer than others, tests find

Radiation levels differ sharply among cell phones.

Tags: radiation , cell phone tests , Max Smith , CNET

Sunday - 06/05/2011, 05:53pm EDT
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