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Analysis: How the budget stacks up

We get budget analysis from economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin, an unmatched authority on economics of public policy in all areas—government fiscal and monetary policy, economic policy, trade, healthcare, and entrepreneurship, to name a few.

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Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 09:08am EST

State of the Union: curtain lifter

President Barack Obama is expected to deliver a State of the Union message tonight that focuses heavily on the economy and jobs creation. He'll likely offer fresh detail about how he wants to help businesses hire again and how he hopes to salvage a health care overhaul.

Tags: State of the Union , Jodi Schneider , American Banker ,

Wednesday - 01/27/2010, 09:40am EST

David Walker explains our "dysfunctional democracy"

"We have a dysfunctional democracy, and we need to do something about it," says the former Comptroller General of the United States.

Tags: mngt , Comptroller General , David Walker , Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Thursday - 01/21/2010, 11:12am EST

The many paths to budget success

How the nation chooses to address growing debt will depend on views about the role of government, but a new report says it is possible to get there within a range of ideological orientations.

Tags: mngt , federal deficit , John Palmer , Syracuse University

Thursday - 01/14/2010, 11:08am EST

More taxes, more jobs?

President Barack Obama branded Republicans on Tuesday as electoral opportunists more concerned about their own interests than the people's, taking a political risk by escalating criticism of the very lawmakers he's urging to work with him.

Tags: FY 2011 budget , Center for Budget and Policy Priorities , James Horney

Wednesday - 02/03/2010, 09:08am EST

QDR: How the military sees the future

The Defense Department has just released the Quadrennial Defense Review. It calls for heavy investments in new technology, long-range strike aircraft and additional unmanned air and underwater vehicles.

Tags: defense , mngt , Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments , Mark Gunzinger

Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 09:40am EST

Winners and Losers in the FY 2011 budget

President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.83 trillion budget on Monday that would pour more money into the fight against high unemployment, boost taxes on the wealthy and freeze spending for a wide swath of government programs.

Tags: FY 2011 budget , Joe Minarik , Committee for Economic Development

Monday - 02/01/2010, 11:40am EST

Budget panel power questioned

The president has repeated a promise to create, by executive order, a panel of Democrats and Republicans to suggest ways for closing the gap between what the government spends and what it collects in revenue. His proposal is weaker than a similar plan recently defeated by the Senate because Congress would not be required to vote on the presidential panel's recommendations.

Tags: independent panel , PayGo

Monday - 02/15/2010, 09:20am EST

How to determine locality pay at issue

President Obama has proposed ending the locality pay surveys that help determine the gap between public and private sector pay and replacing them with a new method for measuring compensation.

Tags: P&B , locality pay , Jessica Klement , Federal Manager's Association , FY 2011 budget ,

Wednesday - 02/03/2010, 10:40am EST

Social Security prepares for potential furloughs

The Social Security Administration wants to start talks about preparing for furloughs, according to a letter from the agency to the union representing SSA employees.

Tags: Social Security , furlough , pay and benefits , AFGE , Jay Clary , House Ways and Means Committee , Xavier Becerra , Sander Levin , Jolie Lee ,

Friday - 02/18/2011, 01:02pm EST
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