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Phased retirement: Is it for you?

Federal benefits expert Bob Braunstein will answer your questions about phased retirment.
July 10, 2013

Tags: pay and benefits , phased retirement , retirement , Bob Braunstein , NITP , mike causey , Your Turn

Wednesday - 07/10/2013, 07:28pm EDT

Federal workforce issues

Avue Technologies Co-CEO Linda Rix, joins host Derrick Dortch to talk about what's ahead for federal human resources managers.
August 10, 2012

Tags: workforce issues , federal hiring , downsizing , early retirement , human resource management , human resources , Partnership for Pubic Service , Grant Thornton , Linda Rix , Avue Technologies , Derrick Dortch , Fed Access

Friday - 08/10/2012, 10:09pm EDT

Resetting Your Retirement Clock

Despite repeated warnings about a brain drain that will cripple government, Uncle Sam continues to keep on keeping on. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says, thanks to you, he thinks he knows what turned the tidal wave into a trickle.

Tags: P&B , FERS , retirement tsunami ,

Friday - 01/30/2009, 04:00am EST

Senatorial Darwinism changes your job

Senate departures "will leave the chamber with a deficit of 232 years of legislative know-how and Washington gravitas that has characterized Capitol Hill for a generation."

Tags: Congress , David Drucker , Roll Call ,

Monday - 03/08/2010, 09:40am EST

Succession planning critical now for gov't

The Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton have teamed up for a report on the state of succession planning in the federal HR community. Ron Sanders is a senior executive advisor for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Tags: In Depth , management , hiring trends , pay and benefits , Partnership for Public Service , Booz Allen Hamilton

Monday - 06/06/2011, 09:00pm EDT

Choice for Feds: Bolt or Burrow?

With a 2-year pay freeze in place and politicians looking at your job and retirement benefits are you suddenly nervous in the civil service? Given the economic outlook are you ready to pull the plug or hang in there until better times. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey is hearing it both ways.

Tags: pay and benefits , mike causey , pay freeze , retirement

Friday - 01/07/2011, 04:00am EST

Brain Drain Alert's 11th Birthday

It's been more than 10 years since experts started issuing their annual warnings of a government brain drain. The fact that it hasn't happened yet is of little important because this time, we are assured, it's for sure. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey reads the tea leaves.

Tags: pay and benefits , mike causey , retirement tsunami

Monday - 12/27/2010, 04:00am EST

GOP lawmakers pitch fed workforce reduction bill

Some Republican members of Congress are making an election-year pitch to reduce the Federal worker headcount, and save money. But would it really do that?

Tags: management , pay and benefits , House , Federal Workforce Reduction Act , John Salamone , Federal Management Partners , Jackie Simon , AFGE , Colleen Kelley , NTEU , OMB , Barack Obama , outsourcing , insourcing , retirement wave , Max Cacas

Wednesday - 06/02/2010, 07:10am EDT

FERS Redeposit Renewed

New bill would allow returning feds to reinvest without losing credit.

Tags: P&B , FERS , retirement tsunami ,

Thursday - 02/05/2009, 07:48am EST
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