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TSA and government execution risks

TSA's mishandling and misuse of backscatter technologies will have damaging effects, both on individuals and on our country's economic viability.

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Monday - 01/11/2010, 11:17am EST

Controversy surrounding backscatter technology

CNN's Brian Todd brings us an update.

Tags: Technology , CNN , Brian Todd

Wednesday - 12/30/2009, 05:30pm EST

Company says its scanners could thwart next airline terror attempt

Peter Kant of Rapiscan Systems says his company's see-through technology could prevent the next terrorist armed with explosives from boarding an airplane.

Tags: tech , Peter Kant , Rapiscan , OSI Systems , airport security , TSA , Homeland Security , full-body scan , stimulus

Wednesday - 12/30/2009, 11:47am EST

DHS spreads full-body scanner capabilities

More of the flying public will be seen at more airports than ever before.

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Tuesday - 07/20/2010, 01:42pm EDT