6:44 am, May 30, 2015

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Kelly Thresher, Public Policy Analyst, Office of the Inspector General

The Postal Service's Inspector General proposes a novel solution for cutting costs: Adopt augmented reality. The IG says the Postal Service could save time and money by outfitting drivers with augmented reality glasses. AR technology allows mobile devices to superimpose digital information on a real-world view. Kelly Thresher is a public policy analyst at the Postal Service Office of the Inspector General. She joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin to elaborate on how augmented reality could help USPS.

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Friday - 04/10/2015, 09:38am EDT

Dr. Peter Squire, program manager for Human Performance Training and Education,, Office of Naval Research

The Navy takes pointers from Google Glass to create the next generation of military training.

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Friday - 03/21/2014, 11:04am EDT

'Augmented reality' uses your phone to tell about destinations

Travel companies are moving further into the realm of "augmented reality," a feature which allows users to experience a destination before visiting, or learning more about a landmark by pointing your phone's camera toward it.

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Wednesday - 03/24/2010, 10:31am EDT