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Forget the shutdown - Here comes the debt limit

Susan Irving, GAO's director for federal budget analysis, has details of the report on the government's fast-approaching debt limit.

Tags: budget , shutdown , Susan Irving , GAO , debt limit , Congress , Dorobek Insider

Wednesday - 02/23/2011, 03:05pm EST

Americans need more than just transparency for trust

The public overwhelmingly believes that government has the obligation to report and explain how it generates and spends its money, but that that it is failing to meet expectations in any area included in a new survey. The AGA tries to educate the government on how to educate citizens.

Tags: AGA , transparency , Relmond Van Daniker , National Leadership Conference

Thursday - 02/18/2010, 11:50am EST

HUD cuts improper payments down to 3 percent

Ken Donohue is a principal at the Reznick Group, and former Inspector General at HUD. He talks about who did what to get that number down so low.

Tags: Ken Donohue , HUD , Improper payments , In Depth , inspector general

Monday - 05/02/2011, 06:07pm EDT

GAO identifies financial management problems with TARP

Congressional auditors are recommending some changes to the way treasury manages the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

Tags: Gary Engel , GAO , financial management , TARP , In Depth

Thursday - 04/21/2011, 06:12pm EDT

Performance Matters for OMB

Tags: OMB , performance , Robert Shea , Grant Thornton

Friday - 05/08/2009, 09:07am EDT

GAO: How to enhance agency performance under GPRA

Berniece Steinhardt, GAO's Director of Governmentwide Management Issues, explains how agencies can adopt more coordinated approaches to achieve meaningful results.

Tags: GAO , Berniece Steinhardt , GPRA , performance , Dorobek Insider

Thursday - 03/17/2011, 03:46pm EDT
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