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Another attack happens during World Cup

Nigerian police shot and killed a suspect yesterday after an attack on a busy shopping plaza approximately four miles from the US Embassy in Abuja. One witness told the Associated Press a bomb was dropped at the entrance to the mall by a motorcyclist. The attack happened during the Nigeria/Argentina World Cup match. This is the second time in a week that an attack thought the be launched by the terror group Boko Haram has taken place during a World Cup match.

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Thursday - 06/26/2014, 03:18pm EDT

Call it a goal. Pubs score big in World Cup

The biggest new fans of World Cup soccer could be bars and restaurants. The games clearly helped sales.

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Thursday - 07/08/2010, 01:04am EDT

Youth soccer injuries: tracking black and blue by gender

Girls are more likely to suffer knee injuries in soccer, while boys tend to have more shoulder trunk and leg injuries.

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Tuesday - 06/22/2010, 09:30am EDT

Take the buzz out of the World Cup

FIFA isn't going to ban the vuvuzela from the stands any time soon, but if your TV has a graphic equalizer or is hooked up to a stereo with one, you might be able to cut out the noise yourself.

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Thursday - 06/17/2010, 12:23am EDT

Soccer fans pack bar to root for favorite teams

Soccer fans anticipating a historic and much-hyped World Cup match between the United States and England in Rustenburg, South Africa, on Saturday packed the downtown bar Bushwaller's to root for their favorite team.

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Sunday - 06/13/2010, 12:16pm EDT

Soccer fans storm Dupont Circle

Despite the heat, hundreds of soccer fans have stormed Dupont Circle Park to watch the game on two big screens.

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Saturday - 06/12/2010, 05:02pm EDT

D.C. bars ready for World Cup fans

For the next month, soccer fans will find excuses to show up late for work or leave work early as they try to catch the World Cup.

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Friday - 06/11/2010, 08:16am EDT