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AFGE members speak out against federal budget cuts - September 7th, 2012

This week on AFGE's "Inside Government" Social Security Administration Council 220 President Witold Skwierczynski and Department of Housing and Urban Development Council 222 Executive Vice President Carolyn Federoff discuss the consequences of federal budget cuts. Former AFGE President Bobby Harnage also appears.

Tags: Witold Skwierczynski , Carolyn Federoff , Bobby Harnage , workforce , AFGE

Wednesday - 09/05/2012, 03:05pm EDT

Your BIG boss: How's he doing?

Would you like to be present when Uncle Sam, as an employer, gets a physical? Is the federal government a better or worse place to work today than it was a few years ago. For a stem-to-stern look at pay, benefits, acquisition, diversity and contracting, check us out today, starting with Senior Correspondent Mike Causey's column.

Tags: Mike Causey , Federal Report , workforce , Obama Impact

Monday - 09/17/2012, 02:00am EDT

Obama administration a mix of successes and failures

The Obama administration's legacy over the past four years consists of major wins, missed opportunities and large scale busts. Federal News Radio evaluated 23 ideas and initiatives behind which the administration flexed its performance and management muscle over the last four years. We rated 10 of the 23 as "effective" and 13 of the 23 as "more progress needed" or "ineffective." In our special weeklong multimedia series, "The Obama Impact: Evaluating the Last Four Years" we review how well the administration was able to go from concept to strategy to implementation to success in the areas of management, technology, workforce and acquisition.

Tags: The Obama Impact , management , workforce , acquisition , technology , Lisa Wolfe , Barack Obama , Mitt Romney

Monday - 09/17/2012, 03:00am EDT

Last hired, first fired: Where are you in line?

If Uncle Sam really drives off the sequestration cliff in January, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know: Do you have a job parachute?

Tags: Mike Causey , Federal Report , sequestration , workforce , hiring , retention , pay and benefits , retirement

Friday - 09/07/2012, 02:00am EDT

Agencies, colleges share top recruiting tips in tight budget times

Tighter budgets are impacting agencies' ability to recruit new employees, according to the results of an exclusive Federal News Radio survey. But while budget dollars may be dwindling, agencies still need new hires to fill vacancies caused by retirements and others leaving civil service. Federal recruiters and college advisers say there are certain cost-effective and innovative techniques that work better than others when it comes to finding the next generation of federal employees.

Tags: recruitment , DoD , DHS , OPM , Pathways Program , Tim McManus , Partnership for Public Service , Jennifer Carignan , American University , Christine Cruzvergara , George Mason University , Tara Duprey , Georgetown University , National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terroris , Sara Fishering , University of Maryland , Student Training and Academic Recruitment , Carin Otero , Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Servic , Sheila Reid Dent , Michael OConnell , workforce , hiring , CHCO , exclusive

Thursday - 09/13/2012, 05:30am EDT

You've got your WIG to keep you warm

Despite the prospect of an extended pay freeze, many nonpostal workers have their "wigs" to keep them warm, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says. So, how do you get a 3 percent raise while salaries are frozen at 2010 levels?

Tags: Mike Causey , Federal Report , workforce , pay and benefits , pay , within-grade increases , pay freeze , Congress , CR

Thursday - 09/13/2012, 02:00am EDT

The day after 9/11

Even after the most horrible event, life goes on. We talked to a number of current and former feds who were here, in D.C., when the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers were hit. All had one common theme, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says: They will never forget what they were doing that day...

Tags: Mike Causey , pay and benefits , Federal Report , workforce

Wednesday - 09/12/2012, 02:00am EDT

Few retired feds cash in on dual compensation

Among six federal agencies surveyed, few are using a defense waiver allowing partially retired workers to collect a salary and their full pension benefit, a new Government Accountability Office report says.

Tags: workforce , compensation , retirement , GAO , NDAA

Tuesday - 09/11/2012, 04:01pm EDT

Tuesday, 9-11-01. Where were you?

Sept. 11, 2001 was also a Tuesday. So what were you doing and where were you when you got the news? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks: Did it change your life forever?

Tags: Mike Causey , Federal Report , workforce , 9/11

Tuesday - 09/11/2012, 02:00am EDT

Young, healthy, idealistic and unemployed

Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know: Has the long-feared retirement tsunami hit the federal government? And if so, could the so- called brain drain be a career life-saver for tens of thousands of unemployed or under employed millennials?

Tags: Mike Causey , pay and benefits , Federal Report , workforce , hiring retention , retirement , OPM , retirement backlog

Monday - 09/10/2012, 02:00am EDT
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