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Manning takes stand, apologizes for hurting US

Army Private Bradley Manning apologizes for giving classified documents to WikiLeaks. His sentencing hearing is raising questions about Army commanders' ability to spot mental health issues.

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Thursday - 08/15/2013, 10:17am EDT

WikiLeaks trial shifting to Afghan war video

The court-martial of a U.S. Army private who gave troves of classified material to the website WikiLeaks is shifting in its second week to specific items he sent.

Tags: Bradley Manning , Army , DoD

Monday - 06/10/2013, 10:53am EDT

Manning to tell judge about WikiLeaks disclosures

An Army private charged in the biggest leak of classified material in U.S. history is set to tell a military judge how he did it and why.

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Thursday - 02/28/2013, 12:47pm EST

Obama issues agencies new policies for combating insider threats

President Barack Obama has issued new agency standards for protecting classified information from insider threats. In a Presidential Memorandum issued Wednesday, Obama provided the heads of executive branch departments and agencies the new National Insider Threat Policy as well as the minimum standards to be employed by each agency in standing up its own insider-threat programs. Details on the new policy and the standards were not made public.

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Wednesday - 11/21/2012, 07:40pm EST

Five ways to ensure responsible information sharing

The Information Sharing Environment is supporting a set of technology priories to promote the safe disclosure of data. In the ISE's annual report to Congress, it highlights the steps agencies have taken over the past year to move toward a culture of responsible and secure information sharing.

Tags: technology , management , Kshemendra Paul , Information Sharing Environment , information sharing , ODNI , Insider Threat Strategy , National Strategy for Infomation Sharing , NIEM , Supicious Activity Reporting standard , Jason Miller , FICAM , identity management

Friday - 09/28/2012, 05:21am EDT

Assange urges US to end Wikileaks 'witch hunt'

ikileaks founder Julian Assange portrayed himself Sunday as a victim of an American "witch hunt."

Tags: technology , cybersecurity , Julian Assange

Sunday - 08/19/2012, 08:35pm EDT

Hacker group claims responsibility for WikiLeaks denial-of-service

Anti-Leaks launched its attack just as Wikileaks began releasing information on a secret government surveillance program, Government Computer News reports.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , technology , Anti-Leaks , hacker , denial-of-service , Government Computer News , Federal Drive

Tuesday - 08/14/2012, 08:42am EDT

WikiLeaks website hit by weeklong attack

The secret-busting organization WikiLeaks says it's been the victim of a sustained denial-of-service attack which has left its website sluggish or inaccessible for more than a week.

Tags: technology , cybersecurity , DNS attack

Sunday - 08/12/2012, 07:40am EDT

Task force drafting strategy to prevent another WikiLeaks

The Insider Threat Task Force expects to submit its national plan to the White House in the next few months. The Defense Department will use its secure identity cards to stop unauthorized access to data and systems.

Tags: technology , management , ODNI , FBI , Gordon Snow , John Swift , Rob Carey , DoD , Diana Braun , Insider Threat Task Force , White House , HSPD 12 , secure identity card , identity management , PKI , information sharing , insider threat , FOSE , Jason Miller

Thursday - 04/05/2012, 05:31am EDT
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