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GOP voting bills aimed at party hegemony in Va

Virginia's not the only electoral battleground with a Republican-ruled legislature where President Barack Obama mopped up last year en route to re-election. But it is the first to act on an ambitious menu of Republican legislation aimed at preventing another Democratic triumph.

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Sunday - 01/27/2013, 12:02pm EST

Virginia may lead way on the 'Repeal Amendment'

It was one of the reasons the civil war was fought. 150 years later, the cry of "state's rights" is again gaining traction in legislatures across the country. Virginia may be among the first to consider what's called the Repeal Amendment.

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Sunday - 01/16/2011, 10:10am EST

Big changes unlikely in Virginia redistricting

Maneuvering by lawmakers during Virginia's redistricting process is unlikely to create much of a shift in Congress and Richmond.

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Thursday - 03/10/2011, 06:04pm EST

Three big budget issues still unsettled in Virginia

Virginia's lawmakers are heading toward the end of their 45-day legislative session with big decisions to make on the three big items that directly affect people's lives: transportation, education and health care

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Sunday - 02/20/2011, 02:13pm EST

Ticer to retire at end of Va. Senate term

Virginia Sen. Patsy Ticer, who has served in the state Senate since 1996, plans to retire at the end of her term.

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Friday - 02/18/2011, 09:01am EST

Va. Senate renews debate on guns

Can you carry a gun in a bar and then drink? Can colleges prohibit guns on campus? Both questions will be part of the debate in Richmond this week.

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Sunday - 01/30/2011, 01:49pm EST

Colgan prepares for 35th year in Virginia General Assembly

It has been 34 years since Chuck Colgan first took the oath of office in Virginia's General Assembly, a place where things often move very slowly. As he gets ready for the start of year 35 next month WTOP has asked him, "how have things changed?"

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Sunday - 12/05/2010, 09:35am EST