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Virtualization and Green IT

Did you know that virtualizing servers dramatically reduces datacenter energy consumption and increases server utilization? Average server utilization rates are between 5 and 15%. Would you accept that level of productivity from an employee? Why accept it from a server? Virtualization transforms many underutilized servers to fewer, highly efficient ones. On average, VMware customers are consolidating servers at a rate of 12 to 1. In fact, virtualization reduces datacenter energy costs and consumption from 80 to 90%, and increases server utilization up to 85%. If you're going green, virtualization solutions will help you get there - fast.

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Wednesday - 03/02/2011, 12:52pm EST

Cloud First

February 22nd at 10AM

In OMB's 25-point plan for Federal IT Reform, a mandate for agencies to adopt a Cloud First policy requires agencies to default to a cloud-based solution when evaluating options for new IT initiatives. Virtualization is the key to realizing the true benefits of cloud computing: cost savings, agility, flexibility and better resource utilization.

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Friday - 02/18/2011, 02:16pm EST

Data Center Consolidation - 40% by 2015

January 25th at 11AM

Administration's aim to fundamentally change how the Federal Government purchases and uses IT. One of the biggest goals is to reduce the number of Federal data centers by at least 40 percent by 2015.

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Monday - 01/17/2011, 04:46pm EST

Feds raise questions about cloud security

Several cyber experts are not sold on how security around cloud computing will work. Some of the doubts come as GSA issues draft requirements for FedRAMP. Others say agencies likely will move to a private cloud first before trusting data to a public provider.

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Monday - 11/08/2010, 06:36am EST

Virtualization: compare and contrast

Host John Gilroy discusses the expansion of virtualization with Joe Brown, President, Accelera Solutions.
September 28, 2010

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Monday - 09/27/2010, 01:29pm EDT

Redefining the Cloud

Don Neilan
Vice President,
EMC, Public Sector
October 13th, 2009

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Tuesday - 10/13/2009, 03:04pm EDT
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