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Bounty offered to cyber-bug hunters

Chrome offers $1,337 to help feed the geek inside.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , Google , Chrome , Chromium , CSIS , Kaspersky Lab

Monday - 02/01/2010, 08:34am EST

H1N1 inspires palm-vein biometrics

Palm-vein biometrics uses near-infrared light to capture palm-vein patterns in a person's hand, which serves as their identity to the systems. A user would hold his hand over a small scanning device attached to his computer that reads the pattern and matches it to a database of preregistered users. Unlike fingerprint scanning, palm vein is contactless, meaning the user doesn't touch any devices and risk leaving behind a "footprint" fingerprint that could be accessed or stolen.

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , tech , Adobe , I Fund , Fujitsu , H1N1 ,

Monday - 12/21/2009, 08:36am EST

Wormy attack could spread via PDF

National Security cyberattack concerns are high, Report: China-based hackers stole India secrets

Tags: Cybersecurity Update , cybersecurity , security , Google , Yahoo , China , dali lama , Adobe , technology

Wednesday - 04/07/2010, 08:30am EDT

Santa, OnStar, Twitter and you

Through a partnership with OnStar, kids will be able to get live Santa updates online and in the car

Tags: NORAD , tech , Santa Claus , OnStar , Desmond James

Wednesday - 12/23/2009, 10:40am EST

Who's On Twitter?

Tags: tech , BearingPoint , Steve Lunceford , GovTwit

Monday - 02/23/2009, 07:37pm EST

HHS Center for Social Media

Tags: HHS , YouTube , Dick Stapleton , peanut recall

Wednesday - 02/04/2009, 06:13pm EST

Twitter worm outbreak

A new bug is attacking Twitter and you can catch it just by moving your cursor over a link.

Tags: Dorobek Insider , worm , Cybersecurity Report

Tuesday - 09/21/2010, 04:42pm EDT

A new vision for USPS?

Tags: USPS , Postal Vision 2020 , Tweetizen

Wednesday - 06/15/2011, 03:56pm EDT

HUD embraces Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

"As the new generation of information seekers primarily accesses news and other content through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, HUD deemed it essential that the Department get up to speed on today's popular channels of communication," HUD wrote in a press release.

Tags: HUD , YouTube , Facebook , RSS , social media , Rachel Stevens

Wednesday - 06/16/2010, 06:09pm EDT
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