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The Hunt: Tracking the Taliban

National Security Correspondent JJ Green speaks with Army Reserve Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who explains the strategy the US has been using against Taliban.

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Wednesday - 04/07/2010, 08:40am EDT

Al Qaida: Hiding in Plain Sight

With the almost daily killing and capture of key personnel in Pakistan, Al Qaida is being forced to communicate in a completely different way.

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Thursday - 03/11/2010, 09:55am EST

Taliban unraveling linked to secret meeting

The Afghan Taliban continues to unravel. The recent capture of Taliban-Senior Commander Mullah Abdul Kabir is evidence. It follows word of the arrest of Mullah Baradar, the number two Taliban commander. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer has tracked Baradar. In this week's edition of the Hunt, with Federal News Radio National Security Corresponent JJ Green, Shaffer says the recent successes may be of little or no help in tracking Osama bin Laden.

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Wednesday - 02/24/2010, 09:17am EST