4:28 pm, May 29, 2015

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Robert Goldenkoff, Director of Strategic Issues, GAO

Good help is hard to find. That's especially true at federal agencies looking for smarts in cybersecurity and financial auditing. The latest look-see by the Government Accountability Office shows a number of mission-critical skills gaps in federal agencies. What can agencies do to fill the gaps? Robert Goldenkoff, the director of Strategic Issues at GAO, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to offer some answers.

Tags: Robert Goldenkoff , GAO , Federal Drive , Cybersecurity , skills gap , management

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 09:36am EST

Tim Sullivan, Partner, Thompson Coburn LLP

Contractors hate rejection when they've spent time and money preparing bids. Sometimes they're tempted to go to Congress and complain. Bad idea. Tim Sullivan is a partner at the law firm Thompson Coburn, and author of the blog, "A Government Contractor's 10 Commandments." On the Federal Drive with Tom Temin, he tackled the sixth commandment: Thou shalt avoid political intervention. Companies who try to get their Congressman involved may find that move will come back to bite them.

Tags: Tim Sullivan , 10 Commandments for Government Contractors , Federal Drive , contracting

Tuesday - 02/10/2015, 09:33am EST

Emily Kopp, Reporter, Federal News Radio

Members of the Senior Executive Service have had a rough year or two. Now political leaders from both the White House and Congress offer up ways to improve the SES. There's the mundane, such as the White House is launching a candidate development program. And the punitive legislation that would make it easier to fire SES members when things go wrong. Today, Federal News Radio launches a special series called "Fixing the SES." We'll bring you the voices of those who know the system best current and former SES members. We start with former acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. He was an SES member before becoming a political appointee. He's now an outside consultant. On the Federal Drive with Tom Temin, Werfel told reporter Emily Kopp that SES members are older and under more stress than ever before.

Tags: Emily Kopp , Federal Drive , SES , workforce , special report , Fixing the SES

Monday - 02/09/2015, 09:15am EST

Sharon Bradford Franklin, Executive Director, Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board

Its original intention was ostensibly to help protect the U.S. from terrorist threats. But Edward Snowden's reveal of the extent of the National Security Agency's bulk telephone records program planted seeds of doubt in many minds. Records indicate the NSA was even monitoring domestic calls. Sharon Bradford Franklin is the executive director of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. She joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with more on the bulk data collection program, and whether it should even continue.

Tags: Sharon Bradford Franklin , Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board , Federal Drive , Oversight , NSA , Edward Snowden

Friday - 02/06/2015, 09:09am EST

Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

Right out of a science fiction novel, the Navy and Marine Corps are investing millions of dollars in unmanned helicopters, jeeps and boats. The scientists and technologists were in full geek mode as they discussed the next generation of vehicles and weapons at the recent Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo. Federal News Radio's executive editor Jason Miller visited the expo. On the Federal Drive with Tom Temin, he shared some of the descriptions the experts behind these technology innovations gave him.

Tags: Jason Miller , Navy , Marines , Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo , Federal Drive

Monday - 02/09/2015, 06:59am EST

Dr. Paul Howard, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Food and Drug Administrator Dr. Margaret Hamburg is stepping down at the end of March after nearly six years on the job. Chief Scientist Dr. Stephen Ostroff will serve as interim commissioner until a full-time replacement is found. What sort of legacy is Hamburg leaving behind? Dr. Paul Howard, a health policy expert and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to offer some insight.

Tags: Paul Howard , Manhattan Institute , Federal Drive , FDA , Margaret Hamburg , Stephen Ostroff

Monday - 02/09/2015, 09:08am EST

Steve Anderson, Principal Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center

A Navy scientist won the 2014 NATO Science and Technology Organization's Scientific Achievement Award. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to aerospace science and technology or aerospace systems applications. The winner was Steve Anderson, a Principal Scientist with the Naval Surface Warfare Center. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to detail how he won.

Tags: Steve Anderson , Naval Surface Warfare Center , Federal Drive , NATO , science and technology , DoD , Navy

Monday - 02/09/2015, 09:02am EST

Dr. Jeff Norris, OnSight Program Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA and Microsoft have teamed up on a project to let scientists and astronauts walk virtually on Mars. Project OnSight employs new, wearable technology just released last month. For more on the program and its possibilities, Jeff Norris, NASA's OnSight program manager, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive.

Tags: Jeff Morris , NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory , NASA , Microsoft , Project OnSight , Mars , Technology , Federal Drive

Monday - 02/09/2015, 08:59am EST

Hudson Hollister, Executive Director, Data Transparency Coalition

A call for more transparency in federal spending, the Taxpayers Right To Know Act would create a central database for financial data and performance metrics for every federal program. The bill cleared the House and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee last year. But it has yet to have a full vote in the Senate. Hudson Hollister, executive director of the Data Transparency Coalition, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to offer one view on this bill.

Tags: Hudson Hollister , Data Transparency Coalition , Taxpayers Right To Know Act , Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee , Information sharing , Federal Drive

Friday - 02/06/2015, 09:13am EST

Julia Ziegler, Web Manager, Federal News Radio

The 2016 budget calls for a 1.3 percent pay raise for federal employees. That's assuming it passes. But what do you and your colleagues think about it? And, how are you responding to the President's plan overall? Federal News Radio Web Manager Julia Ziegler joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to relay some of your comments.

Tags: Julia Ziegler , Federal Drive , pay and benefits , pay raise , budget

Friday - 02/06/2015, 10:11am EST
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