1:38 am, October 31, 2014

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Debra Roth, Partner, Shaw, Bransford & Roth

The trial of four former U.S. security contractors in the deaths of Iraqi civilians is just getting underway. The former Blackwater employees allegedly opened fire at a busy Baghdad intersection in 2007. Now, seven years later, prosecutors are sorting out if they can be held criminally responsible. In this week's legal loop segment, employment attorney Debra Roth joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive. She explained why the case has taken so long to go to trial.

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Thursday - 06/19/2014, 10:34am EDT

Jonathan Addleton, Ambassador, U.S. Agency for International Development

Recent headlines suggest federal agencies do not always look kindly on whistleblowers in their ranks. Most recently, the Veterans Affairs Department stands accused of tamping down dissent over mismanagement of its health care system. But an awards ceremony at the State Department today is honoring some federal employees for sticking out their necks and challenging their leaders. The American Foreign Service Association is giving four career diplomats the Constructive Dissent Award. Ambassador Jonathan Addleton, currently regional USAID mission director for the Central Asian Republics, is one of the honorees. He joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss what led to his nomination.

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Wednesday - 06/18/2014, 10:24am EDT

Brenna Isman, National Academy of Public Administration

Data-driven strategic reviews are to your agency what an annual physical is to you. They may not be fun, but they help agencies know what's working and what's not. The National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) releases a report today to help agencies get the most out of their annual check-ups. Brenna Isman is the project director and senior adviser at NAPA. She joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss why NAPA and the Office of Management and Budget worked together on this topic.

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Wednesday - 06/18/2014, 10:06am EDT

Karen Comfort, National Program Manager, Feds Feed Families

It's time to rummage through your pantry. Feds Feed Families is in full swing. The annual food drive is a collaborative effort led by the Agriculture Department with help from the Chief Human Capital Officers Council and other agencies. Last year federal employees donated nearly 9 million pounds of food. Karen Comfort, national program manager for Feds Feed Families, joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to talk about this year's goals. Read a related story.

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Tuesday - 06/17/2014, 11:01am EDT

John Palguta, Vice President for Policy, Partnership for Public Service

The problems at the Veteran Affairs Department continue to unfold. Meanwhile, the largest civilian agency lacks a Senate confirmed leader. We've seen this pattern before: troubled agency, departed leadership. Some come roaring back, some limp along. John Palguta is the vice president for policy at the Partnership for Public Service. He joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss how the VA can shape a more promising future.

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Tuesday - 06/17/2014, 11:11am EDT

Bob Cusack, Managing Editor, The Hill Newspaper

Congress is digging in this week to pass a bevy of bills. On the to-do list, appropriations and an overhaul of the Veterans Affairs healthcare system. Bob Cusack, managing editor of the Hill Newspaper, joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss what else Congress has on its agenda this week.

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Tuesday - 06/17/2014, 11:17am EDT

Dan Metcalfe, Adjunct Professor of Law, American University

The Associated Press reports the government is going to unusual lengths to cloak the use of surveillance technology by local police. Rarely has the federal government interfered in local open-records conflicts. But recently, the FBI told a court in Arizona, releasing information about police surveillance would make it harder for the bureau to protect the public from terrorism. Dan Metcalfe is an American University law professor and executive director of the Collaboration on Government Secrecy. He joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss how often the federal government intervenes in record requests involving non-federal agencies.

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Tuesday - 06/17/2014, 11:10am EDT

Jack Midgley, Director, Deloitte Consulting

Defense spending patterns all over the world are changing. They are driven by each nation's economy, politics and sense of what the threats are. Conflict and unrest seem to spring up everywhere. It is a complicated mix, no less so for the United States, the biggest defense spender. Jack Midgley is a director at Deloitte and principal author of the 2014 Global Defense Outlook. He joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss defense spending worldwide.

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Tuesday - 06/17/2014, 11:00am EDT

Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

The Federal Communications Commission is challenging telecoms to work more closely with it to improve the nation's cybersecurity. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says he is not planning more regulations, rather he is asking the companies to share responsibility. Federal News Radio's Executive Editor Jason Miller joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss the FCC's plans. Read Jason's related article.

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Friday - 06/13/2014, 10:45am EDT

Marcia Crosse, Government Accountability Office

The Service to America Medals honor federal employees who go above and beyond their job descriptions to serve the public. Federal News Radio will be speaking to the finalists. As the director of healthcare at the Government Accountability Office, Marcia Crosse has drawn Congress' attention to needs at the Food and Drug Administration. Her boss says she's been at the forefront of her field: identifying needed improvements in the oversight of medical products. In part because of her work, the FDA now has more tools to regulate drugs and medical devices from overseas. Crosse is a finalist in the citizen services category of the 2014 Sammies awards. She joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss the data she analyzes. Read a Q&A with Marcia Crosse.

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Monday - 06/16/2014, 10:46am EDT
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