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The Hunt: Pakistan's nukes at risk

A security expert says technology, lack of government control and tension between the U.S. and Pakistan have extended the lifespan of al Qaida. Doug Wankle is a Managing Partner of the Spectre Group. In this week's edition of The Hunt, Wankle tells FederalNewsRadio National Security Correspondent JJ Green that Pakistan's nukes are at risk.

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Wednesday - 11/18/2009, 09:05am EST

The Hunt: Plugged in

Al Qaida dramatically improves its ability to communicate with its foot soldiers. The terrorist organization has announced the formation of a Cell Phone team. In this week's edition of The Hunt with National Security Correspondent JJ Green, Fred Burton, Vice President of Counterterrorism at Stratfor, explains the project.

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Wednesday - 10/28/2009, 08:53am EDT

Are al-Qaida and the Taliban teaming up?

Rumor has it that Al Qaida and the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan are planning to combine resources and launch an all out battle against U.S. troops in that region. In this week's edition of The Hunt with Federal News Radio National Security Correspondent JJ Green; Mike Scheuer, the former head of the CIA's Osama Bin Laden unit, says there is actually something TO this rumor.

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Wednesday - 10/21/2009, 06:01pm EDT

The Hunt: DHS Exclusive

You would think that protecting the nation from terrorists would keep you up at night, but Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says she's not losing any sleep. Secretary Napolitano tells National Security Correspondent JJ Green the mission is a tough one, and even though she's getting good pillow-time, there are problems that concern her.

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Wednesday - 08/19/2009, 09:14am EDT
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