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7/13/09 - Army pushes for Push-to-Talk

A more dialed in Iraq warfighter that's the idea behind the Army's new satellite communications "on the move" device. The solution will include a compact device that integrates land and satellite communications with a push-to-talk interface. This will enable the Army to utilize cross-band capabilities so personnel can take advantage of both communication links. Once deployed, the device will provide greater situational awareness and speed and flexibility to fast moving forces in Iraq.

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Tuesday - 07/14/2009, 06:06pm EDT

7/6/09 - Better radios could mean better interoperability

Homeland Security will soon play guinea pig to a new multi-frequency radio that may improve interoperability during an emergency. A pilot program will evaluate multi-band, hand held radios that would allow first responders to talk on different frequencies. DHS says the program which will include 14 organizations would provide users with improved incident communications capabilities. The only potential snag? Convincing the first response community the equipment is a good investment.

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Tuesday - 07/14/2009, 05:52pm EDT

Managing and Mobilizing Information

Bob Laurence
VP and General Manager
July 14, 2009
(Reairs August 18th, 2009)

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Tuesday - 08/18/2009, 01:28pm EDT

He's Back

The American Jihadist fighting alongside al Shebab militants in Somalia has released another video recording. In this one Abu Mansour Al-Amriki states that President Barack Obama was trying to mislead Muslims and impose "so-called moderate or American Islam." Al-Amriki also stated that the mujahidin would not stop fighting until all foreign troops are pulled out of Muslim lands and until the US stops its support to Israel. The statement is attributed to the Sada Al-Jihad Media Center of the Global Islamic Media Front.

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Monday - 07/13/2009, 07:45pm EDT
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