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Web managers get a glimpse of the future

The recent 2010 Government Web and New Media Conference drew one of its largest crowds yet, with some of the top federal web managers and producers crowding a large ballroom at DCs Renaissance Hotel. Attendees had an opportunity to hear from two of the top feds when it comes to government technology today.

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Monday - 05/03/2010, 06:27am EDT

How to tell telework bills apart

You can't tell the players without a scorecard!

Tags: technology , TANDBERG Telework Center , Telework Enhancement Act , Senate , House

Monday - 05/03/2010, 12:11am EDT

New Platinum Fuel Cells

A new form of platinum that could be used to make cheaper, more efficient fuel cells has been created by researchers at the Department of Energy's S-L-A-C National Accelerator Laboratory and the University of Houston. The process could help enable broader use of the devices, which produce emissions-free energy using hydrogen. Fuel cells hold significant promise for clean energy because the cell's only byproduct is water. But current fuel cell designs can require as much as 100 grams of platinum, pushing their price tags into the thousands of dollars. By tweaking platinum's reactivity, the researchers were able to curtail the amount of platinum required by 80 percent, and hope to soon reduce it by another 10 percent, greatly trimming away at the overall cost.

Tags: technology , Meeting Mission Goals Through Technology , Department of Energy

Sunday - 05/02/2010, 11:42pm EDT

Broadband Access

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has announced that nine American Recovery Act investments will go to help bridge the technological divide and boost economic growth nationwide, meeting several goals of that Department. More than $114 million dollars will be awarded to increase broadband access, and adoption, in more than a dozen states. The grants will fund projects that lay the groundwork to bring enhanced high-speed Internet access to thousands of households and businesses and link hundreds of schools, hospitals, libraries, and public safety offices through the internet. All told, the Department has awarded 82 Broadband Technology Opportunities Program grants worth a total of $1.2 billion dollars to expand broadband access through projects in a majority of states and territories.

Tags: technology , Meeting Mission Goals Through Technology , Gary Locke , American Recovery Act

Sunday - 05/02/2010, 11:42pm EDT

Cybersecurity Jobs for Vets

There could be some great cybersecurity jobs out there for veterans who want to continue working as civilians in the federal government. Craig Newmark, the founder of CraigsList, writes in the Huffington Post Blog that there is a shortage of cybersecurity experts, and that veterans tend to have strong commitment and good attitudes. While the GI Bill will pay for a veteran's education, some colleges shut down during the summer months - which means tuition payments would stop, while the federal government is looking to train people year round.

Tags: technology , Cybersecurity Report , Craig Newmark

Sunday - 05/02/2010, 11:30pm EDT

Digital Ants

The Pacific Northwest National Lab, part of the Department of Energy, says the Pentagon's computers experience more than five thousand cyber-attacks a day. Now the lab is working on a unique new way to fight cyber-threats with what it calls 'digital ants' that can digitally scurry through a network, cleaning up threats before they occur. The so-called "ants" can follow a virtual "trail" to the source of problems and retrieve information.

Tags: technology , Cyber Security Reports , Department of Energy , cybersecurity

Sunday - 05/02/2010, 11:28pm EDT

ARPA-E seeks to change future energy technologies

New arm of the Department of Energy hopes to be what DARPA is for DoD.

Tags: technology , Department of Energy , ARPA-E , Dr. Arun Majumdar , Dorothy Ramienski , innovation , DARPA , daily debrief , Energy

Friday - 04/30/2010, 08:00pm EDT

Pew study: More look online for government data

More people than ever before are turning to online resources to get information about federal, state and local governments.

Tags: technology , Pew Research Center , Pew Internet and American Life Project , Aaron Smith , Web 2.0 , Gov 2.0 , government 2.0 , Dorothy Ramienski , daily debrief

Friday - 04/30/2010, 07:45pm EDT

'Father of the Internet' Vint Cerf discusses cloud, standards

Vint Cerf of Google gives his thoughts on what the future holds for federal agencies in the cloud.
May 4, 2010

Tags: technology , Federal Tech Talk , Vint Cerf , Google , cloud computing , standards , John Gilroy

Friday - 04/30/2010, 05:22pm EDT
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