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Gerry Robbins, DoD Business Development and Market Analyst

Armies run on food, fuel and information. That last part is why the Defense Department spends so much on information technology and services each year, and why contractors spend a lot of time reading the DoD tea leaves. Gerry Robbins is the team lead for this year's TechAmerica defense IT market forecast. He's spoke with Tom Temin on the Federal Drive at the TechAmerica Foundation Vision Forecast Conference.

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Tuesday - 10/28/2014, 09:36am EDT

Rich Ashooh, Director of Strategy, BAE Systems Electronics Solutions

For 50 years, the TechAmerica Foundation has presented a detailed forecast for Defense spending. It's one source of information contractors use to plan their marketing and sales efforts. This year's forecast team has shown one eternal truth. Pentagon budgets reflect more than just what military leaders say they need. They're buffeted by the economy and politics too. Rick Ashooh leads TechAmerica's DoD forecast team. He spoke with Tom Temin on the Federal Drive at this year's Tech America Vision Conference.

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Tuesday - 10/28/2014, 09:38am EDT

Mike Hettinger, Senior Vice President, Public Sector, Tech America

The Defense Department's Industrial Policy Chief, Elana Broitman, stepped down in July, after only five months on the job. The departure comes as relations between industry and the Pentagon are somewhat strained. Mike Hettinger is the senior vice president for the public sector at Tech America. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss what Broitman's departure means for contractors.

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Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 10:43am EDT

Sequestration, debt limit, and more

Trey Hodgkins, senior vice president for Global Public Sector at TechAmerica, will discuss how sequestration and other issues will affect contracting and acquisition.
October 8, 2012

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Monday - 10/08/2012, 10:03pm EDT

Tech America launches Big Data Commission

The Tech America Foundation has announced the formation of a Big Data Commission. The group will be made up of members from industry interested in tackling the most pertinent big data questions - like, how government agencies can secure such large volumes of information and how big data can be used to make intelligent decisions. Tech America is looking for commissioners to head up the new group. It's accepting applications on its website through May 14.

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Monday - 05/07/2012, 04:41pm EDT

Hackers attack websites of cybersecurity bill backers

Tech America and USTelecom said the Anonymous hacker group targeted their Internet sites in denial-of-service attacks.

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Tuesday - 04/10/2012, 09:48am EDT

Will insider-trading bill chill dialogue between contractors, government?

Talking to their federal customers is a critical part of a contractor's job. But under the STOCK Act short for Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge could make that more difficult. Trey Hodgkins, the senior vice president for National Security and Procurement Policy at TechAmerica, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss the proposal.

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Thursday - 02/23/2012, 06:08pm EST

Cybersecurity Act eliminates internet kill switch

The President would have had the power to flip a switch and kill the internet... until the Cybersecurity Act was revised. Liesyl Franz, Vice President for Information Security at Tech America, explains.

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Friday - 03/26/2010, 10:50am EDT

Fostering better communication between government and industry

Former "e-gov Czar" Mark Forman joins host Mark Amtower on today's program.
September 26, 2011

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Monday - 09/26/2011, 09:56pm EDT

State, local gov model IT best practices

Tech America's Michael Kerr discusses a report about state and local governments' best practices for using IT to work better, cheaper, faster.

Tags: Michael Kerr , best practices , states , Dorobek Insider

Tuesday - 11/16/2010, 04:35pm EST