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China is not happy with the U.S.

State media complained bitterly about the a $6.4 billion dollar military package for Taiwan. The Chinese say the sale will complicate U.S./Sino relations. China claims Taiwan is it's own, but the 14 thousand sq mile Island of 23 million people says it has no master. China is threatening sanctions against U.S. companies, but for the U.S. those threat pale by comparison against an even bigger threat --a military showdown between the U.S. and China over Taiwan.

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Tuesday - 02/02/2010, 10:38am EST

China Shoots Down a Missile

China says its military intercepted a missile in mid-flight recently. It was a test of some new technology. The story emerged as nerves about Taiwan begin to show. Raytheon has just sold one billion dollars in hardware to Taiwan for use in it's Patriot air defense system. The Chinese have strongly denounced the sale and called Taiwan a renegade province. Perhaps the reason for both the strong Chinese language about Taiwan and the missile test is because now Taiwan has the capability to shoot down Chinese short and mid-range missiles.

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Tuesday - 01/12/2010, 11:42am EST

Glowing trees could replace streetlights

Until recently, bioluminescent trees have been exclusive to the planet Pandora in "Avatar." But soon, they may come to Earth and redefine our roads.

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Wednesday - 11/17/2010, 02:53pm EST

Gates will visit China next year

Learn more in today's DoD Report.

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Tuesday - 10/12/2010, 09:58am EDT

Pentagon reaches out to Chinese military

The Pentagon is opening talks with China to restart stalled military relations, Wall Street Journal reports.

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Monday - 09/27/2010, 04:10pm EDT

China considers easing tensions with Taiwan

Chinese leaders may be willing to realign some of their weapons and ease tensions with Taiwan. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein, who visited China and Taiwan earlier made the comments during a Senate hearing. The move may have been coated with hopes that the U.S. suspend or abandon future weapons sales to Taiwan. China broke of military to military talks with the U.S. after the Obama administration announced plans to sell Taiwan up to $6.4 billion in arms.

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Thursday - 06/17/2010, 11:37am EDT